Wheel Truing

Make your bicycle wheels round and true.
Saul shows you the easy way to true your own wheels.
Adapted from Velotique’s Popular Advanced Bicycle Repair Clinic.


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42 Responses to “Wheel Truing”

  1. Works for professionals. I dont think i am able of doint something like this on 100% and great vudeo. You have my sub :)

  2. I was always shown to tighten the spokes in pairs but I saw you tightening just one spoke at a time.?

  3. Great video! First place I've seen to do the stress relief, and I'm glad you covered both lateral and radial truing. I'll definitely be coming back for more repair videos as my bike breaks more ;)

  4. amazing guide sir. thank you very much.

  5. I don't have one of those contraptions that show the wobble. What do I substitute for it? Will the fork of the bike do well?

  6. Great video…thank you!!!!

  7. my question is why are we still using spoke if they are so prone to untrue. why not none bendable material


  9. Thank you for making this video. I have watched a few now and your the only one that has made it an enjoyable experience. Most videos only show lateral adjustment with a lot of jibber jabber and no real scene of what's going on.

  10. This guy is the real YouTube Hero. Easy to take access to information like this for granted. <3

  11. excellent video , thnx

  12. What if I use some kind of locktite like adhesive after adjusting the rim perfectly ? is that a really bad idea ?

  13. This is actualy one of the understandable wheel truing tutorials.

  14. CALM !!!!11111111ONE

  15. Thanks for a brief, concise, complete vid……………….

  16. Verry nice and calm info… prefect!!!

  17. I can only add my thanks to those already posted. A wonderful example of how to impart information in a clear and concise way. By far the most confidence inspiring video I've seen on this subject. I have kids who ride bikes with wheels that really need sorting, you've inspired me to have a go.

  18. excellent walk through. thanks for the awesome explanation.

  19. thank you for the instructions! Much obliged!

  20. Great tutorial, thank you so much!!

  21. Thank you for the video. I fixed it.

  22. Is it possible that a bike never needs truing or will all bikes eventually needs truing?

  23. Thank you for this very educational video, clear and to the point,

  24. What's the name of the support for centered wheels?

  25. brillante

  26. Excellent video.Thanks. 👍

  27. thanks for the reply

  28. Wow that was actually the most informative video I watched tonight! Great vid now onto truing my wheels !!!!

  29. Wow! ! Nice

  30. Good Video, honest and good advice, there are a lot of people out there like repair shops that pray on people that do not have a basic understanding of mechanical know how and give advice that is only half right and a half wrong ,in an attempt to steer them into doing something they should not do. And there for end up taking it to the shop anyway, and they get there profit regardless. So thanks for being TRUE lol to your work.

  31. can I use the the brake pads as a reference point?

  32. thanks alot.

  33. Many thanks for your straight talking, no nonsense instructions.

  34. thnk you sir u help me alots

  35. Thanks man. Danny

  36. Thanks for a good and understandable video…

  37. Excellent just excellent

  38. Excellent video. Was extremely helpful to me as I had a wheel hop in one wheel from a set I bought used. And my local shop didn't wanna mess with the radial trueness. Thanks for taking the time to make this.

  39. Awesome vid! I get it now.

  40. Thanks, very easy to understand. Saved me some $ on getting them tuned again.

  41. The only video I have ever watched that allows me to understand how to true a wheel. Thank you !

  42. Great video, dude. It made the process seem just as simple as I expected it to be.