Wheel Bearings – BMX Repair PT 3 – Bicycle Laboratory – BikemanforU S4E6

BikemanforU and BMXBoy re-pack hub bearings in part 3 of advanced BMX repair on Bike Shop LIVE. Degree of repair difficulty: 5 out of 5 chainrings.

This bicycle laboratory clip from S4E6 explores the intricacies of re-packing an old wheel on an even older STLN (aka Stolen) BMX bike.

The guys offer an advanced how-to guide on bearings, tools, measuring, selecting, using calipers, making sure bearings don’t roll away, dis-assembly and installation. A lot of jokes about balls keep the action moving.

Watch the full episode here

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  • My 8year old got a BMX mongoose bicycle w/a 20"black plastic 3blade freewheel mag wheel, not a spoke style that you mostly see on here. Now I'm on here for day looking for the type of style wheel he has to cross reference on how to fix & replace axle that is bent & the freewheel coaster & bearings no videos or help with this can u please help me out thanks in advance

  • LHD doesn't matter unless u keep hitting your sprocket and chain and hub driver saves u money if u grind rhd I ride LHD there's no difference in feeling it on the oppo side

  • I love bikeman. But I don't think I will have bmxboy fix my bmx anytime soon. 👀 but my mountain bike you can fix anytime. But hopefully you both learned something in this case so u don't screw it up on a customers bike. This is actually one of the first times that u guys looked clueless. Live and learn right

  • quality video is bad not HD 🙁 but nice video !!

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