Truing a Bent Bicycle Wheel

Truing a Bent Bicycle Wheel


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36 Responses to “Truing a Bent Bicycle Wheel”

  1. I hate spoke 😐 why not use a hard metal similar to the frame that will not bend😐 If it means adding a few pounds so what😎 My advice is to glue those ripples so they don't move because this is just hell

  2. Like for the mosquito😂

  3. Great advise. The best of which is patience. The only tools I needed was a small crescent wrench and a sight line to the brake pad. Turned the bike upside-down , rolled the wheel and adjusted as Rich explained. Thank you for your detailed explanation.

  4. So if you don't have a pencil, just use one of those magnetic gauge thing a ma-jigs?

  5. With the money you will spend buying a roided up calculator you can just buy a new rim.

  6. i have the same bile but mine is silver and black and it looks much better

  7. Nice video. However, not everyone has access to expensive measurement gear. There would also not be any need to work within thousands…a few hundreds would be more than enough. So a simple piece of whatever one has got lying around, taped to the frame, could also be used as a reference point.

  8. what if i dont have a reference point?

  9. what tools is that and how did you get it to attach to the back? And how do you set it so to know where the center of the rim is?

  10. Am I seeing you go left to tighten and right to loosen?

  11. LOL I said the same thing as below, youve helped me with my 99 Saturn SL a ton of times, now your fixing my BIKE!!!

  12. If you don't have all of this metrology crap and you have a cheap bike with caliper brakes, you can true the wheel reasonably just using the distance of the rim from the brake pads. Use a magic marker to mark the high/low spots.

  13. Thanks for sharing and nice mosquito catch!

  14. You sound just like Peter Griffin!! XD

  15. "well he's not gonna be around anymore " lool

  16. pfft what is this pencil technique you speak of… I just put 2.5" kenda's on my bike and found it needed truing when they scraped against my frame! no pencil needed

  17. Peter Griffins a bike mechanic now? The fall from family guy was a hard fall.

  18. I'm already one of your biggest fans for Saturn stuff,
    Now you're helping me with bikes too..?

    Thank you!

    *Edit – I've had one of those wrenches with random weird hardware from my dad for years… I didn't know that's what it was…. I was even looking at it yesterday…. And now I don't have to buy one hehe…
    You've made my night. Thank you sir!

  19. Good video man.

  20. 2:20 Actually all blood-sucking ones are Female!

  21. I had no idea Peter Griffin was a bike mechanic.

    But, seriously…You, sir, are awesome! Thank you for this video. I don't have to take'er to the bike shop now!

  22. Man, you are helpful! I also used your video on the fz6 air filter replacement. I knew how to do it, but double checking via your video made me more than confident. Thanks again!

  23. this is the most high tech way to true a rim that I have ever seen. I love it. I just use the break pads and watch when  they touch to adjust accordingly. crude but it'll get you home.

  24. good vidio but I am more interested in your bike stand. Can you show me it? do you have a video?

  25. So do you need to put the dial gauge on the other side of the rim and repeat the process or can you do it all from that one side? thanks.

  26. Awesome 

  27. you sound like billy crystal. :)

  28. man your accent is confused….im picking up new yorker, australian, and texan and maybe even some irish all in one go!

  29. Great video, well explained & non techy, fixed my rear wheel in about 10 mins

  30. Whats confusing for most is, looking down on a nipple, you turn it anti clockwise to tighten it. Once you get that figured out, just remember the side you're tightening brings the rim towards the brake pad. Piss easy when you learn how but it sure does have a learning curve. All the while you're concentrating on "tightening rather than loosening if possible" lol. I mean you can't just tighten one side all the time, you need a good memory AND your wits about you, a lethal combination. 

  31. Good approach, but give me low teach that's what bike is all about 

  32. n00b question: why not just lay down the wheel on a table, identify the bent part, put it over the edge of the table, and them give small, gentle punches on it? 
    That was what I first thought, as I got a bent wheel from a fall. It wobbles, say, 0.5cm, and I thought that tightening the rim spokes was just for small adjustments. 

  33. thank u very much for the tutorial, very much appreciated :)

  34. Thanks! This is a very helpful video!

  35. Thank you so much Peter No really thanks