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Universal Handlebar Bike Phone Mount Adjusts to Your Cell Phone Size

Premium iphone bike, motocycle, baby stroller mount holder
with patented design, is adjustable to fit nearly any smartphone or media device.
If you have an iPhone 6 Plus it will fit no problem.
The carefully designed clamp automatically adjusts to grip your device perfectly.
Unlike other poor quality phone mounts for bikes that have specific settings only and at best clamp your phone loosely or worse won’t fit it at all.
Our phone holder can fit around handle bars of 38 mm diameter or less, so if your bars are this size (99% are) you will have no problem.
For smaller bars it comes with three rubbers fitters to ensure a tight grip.
Super Safe Smart Phone Mount: Grips Your Device in Two Ways!
Why risk your smart phone falling out and breaking?Our motorcycle/bicycle bar phone mount works in two ways,the spring adjustable clamp AND the extra secure silicone band that wraps around your phone,hold your device firmly in place.
Comes With Silicone Band
So if by chance the dog got to one then you have one backups!
We’ve tested our product in both road and trail riding conditions and never once were able to get the phone to fall out,no matter how hard we pushed it.
Simple 2 Minute Installation (All tools included)
There’s nothing worse than a complicated installation!Thankfully our bike phone mount is easy,and takes 2 minutes to install and everything you need is provided in the box.
Once installed your phone can slide in and out with ease
We appreciate customers send us a message or an email at “[email protected]” with Order ID: # and details instead of leaving a bad review. Please trust our service team, we will fix your issue and make you satisfied within 24 hours.Universal bike mount holder automatically fits any smart phone and Compatible with most devices,2.3-3.5″ wide clamp can hold iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 5, iPod Touch, Samsung Galaxy S6 S5 S4 S3, Note 1, Note 2, Note 3, Note 4, LG G4 HTC One Nokia Lumia Google Nexus Sony Xperia GPS, Blackberry z10, MX2 3, Motorola Droid RAZR / MAXX, HTC EVO 4G, HTC One X, LG Revolution, GPS Holder and More!
Two Silicone Butterfly Bands can be used interchangeably, grip/quad lock and protect your phone in all directions with phone mount and to prevent you device fall out of your bike..
360 Degree Rotation with multi-adjustable viewing angles of your phone. Can be up, down, diagonal, or side-to-side whatever you desired
Simply rotate and adjust your device to any angle and position that suits your preference whit the special ball and socket design
Easy to assemble all accessories.And could use on blike,motor cycle etc.
ATTENTION:If you wanna use it on motorcycle,please consider the firmly clamps size as in the second picture.

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