Topeak – How to fix a broken chain


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19 Responses to “Topeak – How to fix a broken chain”

  1. I just did this with a rock I found, and a larger rock on the ground. Hammered it back into place like a BlackSmith, saved me on the trail….. McQuiver Style. Need to order one of these chain tools ASAP!

  2. I have that multitool, Alien 3, and it sucks, both screwdrivers (Phillips head and torx head) are stripped after few times I used it

  3. I'm 12 and I just fixed my bike chain WITHOUT any special tools, just a hammer and some nails😁😁😁😁

  4. Yay ofcourse we need special fucking tools

  5. it didnt work
    now how am i suppose to excersice around my naightwbrboorhood (sorry for my bad english)

  6. He sounds like bay max

  7. Had the tool, broke the chain, that was it.

    Thanks for showing how to break and make it again.

  8. you think it might be usefull to tell us the name of this tool, so we can search it and buy one ourselves, helo!!

  9. What is the thing to fix the chain and where can you buy it! PLEASE REPLY!!!!!!!!!

  10. We lost a link of the chain?  It will be slightly shorter.  I imagine this could affects suspension bikes more? Are we going to want to replace the chain as a whole when we get back home?  Thanks!

  11. should one use this

  12. Thank you…this was very informative. now I know that their is a special tool that dose most off the work involved.

  13. great video. got a chain splitter and fixed my chain :-)))

  14. thank you for this video. I'm gonna order this tool but had no idea how it worked because I was only familiar with the park tool.

  15. I was on a ride today and he broke a chain going up a hill. Luckily the small group of 5 of us, 1 guy had a bar end chain tool. We were able to take out a link and him get home. We reused the existing pin though. To answer your question, YES you need to buy a new chain, but this will get you home when you are 30 miles from your car. Just stay out of the big/big cogs cause the chain has been shortened and you should be fine to get home. Then buy a new chain. Made me think about having one.

  16. veRY-HD

  17. Oh yeah a chain hook would be really helpful 😉 Thanks!

  18. Fantastic!

  19. Excellent video. Thanks TopeaK!