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Repairing a punctured bicycle inner tube

Inspecting a bicycle inner tube, tire and rim for the cause of a puncture: preparing and patching the inner tube. This is one step in the process of repairing a flat tire described at http://sheldonbrown.com/flats.html source Click here for the best online deals on bike accessories, electric bikes, kids bikes, mountain bikes, bicycle frames, and much more.

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How To Repair a Bicycle Puncture

from the website http://www.howto.tv Firstly, make sure that it’s not your valve that’s leaking. The best way to test this is to immerse the valve in water. If you can see bubbles, that’s the problem. Repairing a puncture is easier at home than on the road, and you’ll need the following tools and materials – tyre levers, a spanner, a puncture repair kit, a bike pump, a spare inner tube, and a bucket or bowl full of water. Locate the puncture by rotating the wheel and checking […]

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