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Patching an Inner Tube

This video shows the simple steps to patch and inner tube. This is the same process used for a motorcycle, bicycle, or even a car inner tube. It is also similar to how you patch a car tire. source Click here for the best online deals on bike accessories, electric bikes, kids bikes, mountain bikes, bicycle frames, and much more.

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Took some time to work on Bryce’s dirt bike. Can I fix it? SUBSCRIBE for daily vlogs: http://j.mp/clintus Gaming Videos & Live Streams: http://Gaming.youtube.com/ClintusGames Get the Clintus.tv app! Search your app store for Clintustv! Get an autographed photo or personalized video from us! http://socialink.me/clintus Yesterday – https://youtu.be/Ua00U-EtK2c?list=PLFdpUcoRL8cmuDaE0mdabh0kV1L8rQk9R 1 Year Ago – https://youtu.be/4N9sw1pyTuc?list=PLFdpUcoRL8clTitd4NjYwbFZRJkxGONVX 2 Years Ago – https://youtu.be/uXQQrcXr9Tk?list=PLFdpUcoRL8ckIzLLbapx9pCiI8gpEiuzX 3 Years Ago – https://youtu.be/AshDthSs-pA?list=PLFdpUcoRL8cmodXg7CBBrTvcLP-bBaphV 4 Years Ago – https://youtu.be/K7hdkAWTHEg?list=PLFdpUcoRL8ckmn1A1dXZSKYETvSFZa2FD Tomorrow – https://youtu.be/Elq7mlQ0zKk?list=PLFdpUcoRL8cmuDaE0mdabh0kV1L8rQk9R Sign up for our free Newsletter: http://j.mp/ClintusNews Get a Clintus.tv shirt at http://clintusmerch.com Find me elsewhere: Twitter: […]

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