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Fixing wobbly crank arms / Adjusting crank arms

It is dangerous to ride on a bike with loose crank arms so fixing wobbly crank arms is a very important thing to know! Follow the tips and instructions in the video to learn how to properly adjust and fix your crank arms. Enjoy! This is a helpful video made for clipflip. If you also want to make money, do not hesitate to join us on http://www.clipflip.com or watch our other video tutorials on http://www.youtube.com/TheHelpfulChannel source Click here for the best online deals on bike accessories, electric […]

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Repairing A Loose Bike Wheel – Hub Overhaul

I bought a Giant mountain bike at a thrift store and found the front wheel had a ton of play in the hub. It would wiggle a lot. i am guessing it would have been a bit scary to ride. If there had been just a little play, I probably would have just adjusted the cones. but with as much play as it had, I wanted to check the bearings, cones and races for damage. Since I was going to be taking it apart anyway, I overhauled […]

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