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How To Overhaul A Bike Bottom Bracket – Remove/Clean/Install New Bearings

This is how to overhaul the bottom bracket on an older style of bike before they started using sealed bearings. I show you how to remove and install new bearings as well as how to clean all the parts. This bike is a 1984 Schwinn LeTour Luxe, but most vintage bikes are similar. They might require slightly different tools. The fixed cup on the chain ring side on this bike has left handed threads. This is the most common. But be aware that Italian and French made […]

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How To Fix A Creaking Bottom Bracket Or Cranks

Making enemies with your creaking bike? Don’t fear, Simon Richardson is here to solve all your problems! Become a GCN Fan: http://gcn.eu/SubscribeToGCN It’s incredible how many causes there can be of an annoying creak in your drivetrain. Chainrings, bottom brackets, pedals, cleats, and even your mech hanger can be the cause of your problem. Going through all of the points that Simon mentions in this video should solve the majority of problems. Music: The Main Stem – Big Bullets: http://gcn.eu/1x6T0EO Buy GCN Cycling Kit! Click here: http://gcn.eu/BuyGCNKitYT […]

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