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Bicycle Maintenance Tips : How to Fix a Slipped Bicycle Chain

To fix a fallen bike chain, loosen the chain on the rear derailleur cage and pull down to gain slack. Fix a slipped bicycle chain with tips from a bike mechanic in this free video on bicycles. Expert: Jeff Moesch Bio: Jeff Moesch has been working in the bicycle industry for nearly 10 years. He [...] Read more
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How to adjust brakes

Evans Cycles’ videos provide a range of tutorials and training to maintain optimal performance of your bike. In this video, our expert Jules gives you a step by step guide to adjusting disk brakes. This video provides you with a detailed walk through on how to set up your rim brakes. The guide it’s on [...] Read more
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Bicycle Maintenance & Repairs : How to Fix a Poorly Shifting Bicycle

When fixing a poorly shift bicycle, first check the gears or add cable tension by turning the barrel adjuster clockwise. Repair a poorly shifting bike with tips from a bicycle mechanic in this free video on bike maintenance and repairs. Expert: Evan George Contact: www.greggscycles.com Bio: Evan George has been a mechanic at Gregg’s Cycles Read more
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