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Bicycle Maintenance Tips : How to Fix a Slipped Bicycle Chain

To fix a fallen bike chain, loosen the chain on the rear derailleur cage and pull down to gain slack. Fix a slipped bicycle chain with tips from a bike mechanic in this free video on bicycles. Expert: Jeff Moesch Bio: Jeff Moesch has been working in the bicycle industry for nearly 10 years. He has experience riding and repairing mountain bikes, racing bikes, cross-country bikes and free-ride bikes. Filmmaker: Reel Media LLC source Click here for the best online deals on bike accessories, electric bikes, kids […]

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How to adjust brakes

Evans Cycles’ videos provide a range of tutorials and training to maintain optimal performance of your bike. In this video, our expert Jules gives you a step by step guide to adjusting disk brakes. This video provides you with a detailed walk through on how to set up your rim brakes. The guide it’s on your road, hybrid or mountain bike. source

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Mountain Bike Repair and Bicycle Maintenance

bike repair

Bike repair is an important part of biking. If you’re into biking, there are some basic bike repair and bicycle maintenance functions that you want to know how to do yourself. At Bicycle Shop Online Repairs, we provide online resources to teach you about bike repair and ┬áto help you with those basic bike repair functions. Mountain Bike Repair One would think that those cool bicycles that cost thousand of dollars would include more information about mountain bike repair than a few pages in booklet form. Regardless […]

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