Stig Broeckx responding to conversation nine months after being hit by race motorbike

Stig Broeckx

Stig Broecx making progress

Stig Broeckx was in a coma after being seriously injured in a collision with a motorbike at the Belgium Tour, His team manager, who visited Brooks in hospital said that the 26-year-old had been making good progress in his recovery to date.

Crash with Motorbike in 2016

Broeckx cannot answer, but he understands everything. The coma followed serious head injuries Broeckx suffered in a collision in May 2016, The crash was with a motorbike in the Belgium Tour. Doctors had previously given up hope that he would never regain consciousness.

New Rules to regulate vehicles

However, in what is viewed as a miraculous development, Broeckx regained consciousness in December. Subsequent to the accident, the International Cycling Union, or UCI, implemented new rules to better regulate to cars and motorbikes in races. There were a number of collisions between participating riders and other vehicles in 2016.

Antoine Demoitié subsequently died after being struck by a commissaire’s motorbike.


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Lotto-Soudal rider able to understand conversations and speak simple words after coming from a coma

Stig Broeckx at the 2015 Giro d’Italia

Lotto-Soudal rider Stig Broecx is now able to understand conversations and speak some words after coming from a coma following his crash along with a motorbike.

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