Seeutek PK80 80cc 2-Cycle Petrol Gas Engine Motor Kit with Angle Fire Slant Head for Motorized Bicycle Bike

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The bicycle engine kit includes all the parts and instructions necessary to convert your bike,also include bonus speedometer. It is a bit technical, and will require some time to install, thus professional installation is highly recommended. Please also keep in mind that the motor will use a mix of gasoline and oil. The oil is used as a lubricant. Without it, the performance and longevity of the motor will be reduced. Please refer to the manual for further information including gasoline/oil ratios.

The seller will not be held liable for improper installation or misuse of fuel. This product is not for amateur use.

Therefore, by and use at your own risk.

Start and Stop Notes

1.To start, move the choke lever to “on” position, hold in clutch, pedal the bike fast to get some speed, and then release the clutch gradually.

2.To stop, slow speed, disengage clutch and apply either original brake (if you didn’t remove the original left handle brake).

3.To stop the engine, choke the carburetor completely with the lever on the carburetor. Alternatively, slow speed, hold in clutch and press the kill switch on twist-grip throttle.

We have videos to show the installation and running of the engine.Contact us if you need.

Only “Seeutek” Is The Legal Seller And Has Logo On The Package. If you buy fake product, please report to Amazon

80cc Bicycle Engine Kit,Engine Type: Single cylinder,air-cooled,2-stroke
Power: 5-6 HP (horse power) stock -Top Speed: 25-35 MPH (miles per hour) stock – Fuel Economy: 100-150 miles per gallon
Fuel Type:Gasoline 93#;Mixing Ratio of Fuel and engine Oil: 16:1 for new sets breaking time, 25:1 after running 300KM;Please use premium quality oils to prolong engine life
Bonus Speedometer as gift,Fits Most 26″ Wheeled Bikes (Mountain, Cruiser, Chopper, Road) with V-frame. The frame should have 9-11″ of clearance between the bottom bracket and top bar, and the diameter of the frame tubes should be 25-29mm (around an 1″).
The rider only needs some basic hardware skills, tools, and around 2-3 hours for installation and fine tuning adjustments. Add some lubricant into the air cylinder before starting

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