Retrospec Bicycles Pursuit Bull Horn Style Lightweight Alloy Handlebars for Track Bike, White, 25.4mm

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In Pursuit of speed brand name internal Pursuit handlebars cater to a ton of riding styles. These versatile handlebars are shaped to accommodate different hand placements. Made of 6061 aluminum, these bars are strong enough to Endure frequent aggressive riding and light enough to add only a negligible amount of weight to your bike. The subtle drop encourages a comfortable messenger-style forward position. Install these handlebars on nearly any kind of bike, whether you’re riding a fixed-gear, road, cyclocross, or city bike. Now available in 25.4mm and 31.8mm.Bullhorn bar with a subtle Drop for a comfortable forward position
Shaped to provide numerous hand positions for speed and comfort
6061 aluminum for strength and rigidity
25.4mm clamp Diameter
Fixed gear/Messenger style handlebar

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