Replacing or Fixing a flat bike tire or bicyle tube |

Sasha shows you how to replace a bike tube, no hassles. In this vid we are dealing with a presta valve, but it also works with schroeder valves.

You will need some tire levers which you can pick up for a few bucks at any bike shop and a bike pump, you don’t need an air compressor. First thing you have to do is get a flat tire, could happen at any time, preferrably not too inconvenient. Then you need to break the seal with between the bead of the tire and the hook of the rim with the tire lever. You can place one and then lever it up or place two and lever them both at the same time. Then pull the rest of the tire off the rim.

Then install the new tube with a little bit of air in it so it won’t twist once you put the tire back on. Now you can use the tire levers like a wedge to pry the tire back onto the rim. Make sure to not pinch the tube, that’s trouble. If you have a presta valve make sure to screw the nipple shut and then put the lock ring back on, but not too tight.


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