Replacing or Fixing a flat bike tire or bicyle tube |

Sasha shows you how to replace a bike tube, no hassles. In this vid we are dealing with a presta valve, but it also works with schroeder valves.

You will need some tire levers which you can pick up for a few bucks at any bike shop and a bike pump, you don’t need an air compressor. First thing you have to do is get a flat tire, could happen at any time, preferrably not too inconvenient. Then you need to break the seal with between the bead of the tire and the hook of the rim with the tire lever. You can place one and then lever it up or place two and lever them both at the same time. Then pull the rest of the tire off the rim.

Then install the new tube with a little bit of air in it so it won’t twist once you put the tire back on. Now you can use the tire levers like a wedge to pry the tire back onto the rim. Make sure to not pinch the tube, that’s trouble. If you have a presta valve make sure to screw the nipple shut and then put the lock ring back on, but not too tight.


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39 Responses to “Replacing or Fixing a flat bike tire or bicyle tube |”

  1. my tire wont come of for shit its glued on or something

  2. what can we use if we don't have those two levers?


  4. Very helpful!

  5. First time I've ever had to change out a tube. Your video was super helpful. Thanks!

  6. how the fuck you do this without tools?

  7. Thanks a bunch bro! 

  8. Once I get the tube in and the tire back on, the bead never sets in properly. Any suggestions?

  9. Thanks man.

  10. Take the tire off!  Check the inside of the tire looking for what caused the flat.  Sometimes you'll find a small piece of metal or glass.  Without this step you will just puncture the new or patched inner tube.  PS also check the rim and rim strip looking for any spokes that might be the cause.

  11. best vid on youtube.  pays dividends to get this effortless. 

  12. Good but there are TWO  IMPORTANT missing steps:   1.  After installing the new tube, push the air valve IN (towards the tire) and pull it back out.  This ensures the tube is not caught under the bead potentially causing an instant blow out. 2.  After putting in the new tube, inflate the tire to about 50% of the pressure rating and then let the air back OUT of the tire.  This ensures the tube isn't caught under the tire bead anywhere on the tire preventing an instant blow out.  Then re-inflate to full pressure.

  13. Thx i am happy

  14. thanks!  this helped a lot!  going riding now 8)

  15. i am 13 and when your inner tube goes to crap and your dad is out of town it can pretty stressful so thank you

  16. 17? I'm 29 and i ended up getting pissed off at it lol.

  17. We'll deal with it.

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  19. Thanks for the response. The $2000 in business with the USA on bike parts will not continue. From now on I deall directly with China.

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    I bet it's annoying having "so fucking stupid" Americans correct you.

    Also, you have to learn one way or another, whether it's from someone who knows or a video. Not everyone has a dad to teach them.

  21. what about those who have never done it before?

  22. Americans have to watch this video cause there so fucking stupid. Or there old man fucked off

  23. Break the seal….HAHAHAHAHA!

  24. That's awesome Sue! 17 year olds can be a pain, haha. 

  25. Thanks, this info is good to review before you have a flat on the road.

  26. ohhh this helped soooo much, i am new to this love riding but them my bike had a flat, and i had no idea of how to fix it. this saved me sooo much thanks

  27. thanks new to bikes

  28. NIPPLE

  29. wow that was actually very helpful. thanks

  30. Dude you look like Chris pontius.

  31. I can see that BatmansPajamas had similar problem with tyre falling out. I also spent about an hour (in total, searching for proper tube and tools included), but did not give up! Also, I didn't get upset when the tyre didn't fit. Oh, no, wait – I did. I just didn't scream angry here typing with dirty fingers, but kept on trying. 

  32. My first time doing this, home alone and a woman, so here is my opinion: I think the video is good, especially because it shows up close what you need to do and hey – that calm comforting voice! However, some things are done a bit too fast. I struggled getting the tube back in forever. It kept on falling out! I went around, "worked my way", but it didn't really help. I also didn't know how to use the tool to reinstall the tyre back. In the end I gave up and put it all by hand. Was totally ok. 

  33. Nicely done bro!

  34. You don't need a tyre lever to re-install a tyre, in fact doing so increases the chances of you damaging the inner tube.

    A tyre normally sits on the two small ledges on the inside of the rim. When you're re-installing a tyre you always get to that last "difficult" bit. It's difficult because the opposite side of the tyre is sat on those ledges. Push it off, into the spoke area. That enables the tyre to move slightly more and makes it extremely easy to push the tyre completely onto the rim.

  35. thanks Sasha

  36. LOL this guy's hilarious

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  38. Do u have 2 put air in it just 2 make it in 2 get the tire on 2?

  39. wow it worked. x_X;