Replacing an inner tube

Tony explains how to replace an inner tube in the event of a puncture.


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43 Responses to “Replacing an inner tube”

  1. The bit if you'd need to use tyre leavers to get the tyre back is all I wanted to know and it's missing from this video. My tyres are tighter than Gary Glitters Mrs, every time I use tyre leavers I puncture the tyre 80% of the time. I must be doing it wrongly! Need to know how to use them asap

  2. Just got back from replacing my inner tube after watching this. I used spoons, forks, bits of wood, and anything other than a plastic tyre leaver, now hit me.

  3. Thanks for posting this, I'm going to order a plastic tire lever now! Never heard of this before, which is much safer than using other devices (e.g. flat head screw driver)!

  4. my god your tire is soft as a butter

  5. that high definition 

  6. "Sometimes you have to use tire levers."  That's great.  How?  This is the part I get stuck on, so what is done here in 15 seconds takes me nearly an hour.

  7. some good tips in this thanks

  8. Fuck replacing it. I just patch my bike tube like 20 times still holding strong.

  9. nice tips

  10. Thanks very much….I tried it for my first time ever and succeeded thanks to you.
    It saved me a bit of money but I'm more into cycling from doing jobs like this…great video…many thanks!

  11. Cheers mate!

  12. Excellent. Very clearly explained.

  13. thanks leonardmlee. nursing an old bike i found back to health. simple advice but easy to forget if you haven't done it in years

  14. why did i find this in a 2D game design playlist??? oh well, at least i know how to change an inner tube now.

  15. i didnt have those tire rods, i used 2 spoons to pop it off

  16. The mood and pacing of this tutorial is so well done it reminds me of the late great Bob Ross.

    Wonderful. Thank you!

  17. yeah, but he doesn't explain why.

  18. I have the cheap stamped kind that stays thin throughout the whole length. The more expensive kind looks like a two-ended screwdriver with a thicker shaft in the middle.

  19. I don't own tire levers, but my favorite tool is a a brake spoon. It seems to be the perfect size, and it's much blunter than a screwdriver. Is this what he was talking about, or do you suppose he was talking about an eating utensil?

  20. The hardest part about this, is probably trying to fit the tube back in the rim…which he made it seem like it was nothing. I'm on hour 2 and still no signs of progress.

  21. What does he mean by "Gingerly"? Without a soul???

  22. You make it look so easy

  23. Zabi told me to add a little baby powder in the tire before inserting the tube (not every time, but enough to ensure a residue) to keep the tube from sticking to the tire when the temps go over 100 degrees here in the desert of Vegas for the 4 months of the year. It's May 12th and we have already reached 103. @[email protected]

  24. Tried replacing a tube on a small 18" thick rubber tire wthout proper tools… fking impossible. lol

  25. bahahaha i did that

  26. yes! I did it! thanks for the video, great help!

  27. Ah, 240p, we meet again.

  28. bloblobloblo blop

  29. brilliantly simple. thanks.

  30. I do it step by step and everytime i inflate it and i spin it, there like a bump. Then i deflate and check it but theres nothing wrong? Should i just ride it like that or what? And this happens all the time when i replace the tube . Please Help! I dont know what im doing incorrectlt if im doing this step by step

  31. I wish I had watched this again. I just fucked up a new inner tube by doing it incorrectly…

  32. Totally agree.

  33. Its a bit like a toob but with the correct, English pronunciation! ;-)

  34. your tire is a candywalk try using this cruddy Schwin tire : (

  35. i've realised that the me of 2 years ago was rude to judge this man for his convictions about tyre levers… i have duly removed my rude comment, though i somewhat enjoyed the satisfaction of seeing 26 thumbs up for it…

  36. Watched this video and then replaced new tyre and inner tube in 5 minutes. Thank you.

  37. Now i know what the little Huck is for on the tyre lever, after all this time. cheers

  38. Thank you very much indeed. This video helps me to fix my bike.

  39. @unclejuju12 … Yes it does but it's better to find out ur self.

  40. Aund au sai gingaley becouse au ema fauygut

  41. Gingaley

  42. this works will all tires even bmx right?