Prologo Saddle Green Cycling Bike Saddles Racing MTB Road PU Leather Seat Sillines Mountain Bicycle Parts

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Type:Cycling bike bicycle saddle
color:9 type for choose
Product Features
1.High-grade PU leather
Generous and beautiful,easy to clean
2.LOGO design
Highlight the brand and quality,Cool and beautiful
3.Bead technology
Exquisite workmanship,Top quality
4.Streamlined design
Ergonomically user-friendly design,air circulation more comfortable
5.Accurate Ruler design
Easy to find a suitable location
6.Stainless steel rails
Good quality and durable,Never rusting

When I sweat riding a bicycle over the mountains,and you are immersed in the island movie even out of control!And by the age of 70, I can still riding a bicycle over the mountains,but you are the nutrient of nature~~Stainless stell rails, good quality and durable, never rusting.
The Saddle is very comfortable. Good amount of cushion without being to soft.
The saddle has a bit of flex, with conforms to your body.Cool and beautiful

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