Mountain Bike Technique – Fixing A Puncture

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13 Responses to “Mountain Bike Technique – Fixing A Puncture”

  1. you know a trick i learned is tie a knot in the tube where the hole is and pull it tight no leaks i cant even tell the differences

  2. Not smart quickly running your fingers inside the tire, you can SLICE your finger open pretty badly on RUSTY NAIL, (TETANUS) nail, glass whatever is protruding that caused the flat! I tap my fingers VERY lightly, lessens the chance of cutting yourself. i get flats in the REAR, %98 of the time. C02 refills can get pricey, i do it the old fashion way..TIRE PUMP.

  3. what happens if you put the patch on right away before the glue is tacky? I have done this just now and I do not want to remove the patch because the seal seems just fine.

  4. How come that its ALWAYS the front wheel by showing How To fix a puncture.

  5. I'm tyred of this shit!!

  6. put a little mark on tyre where the valve was,makes it easy to check exact spot inside tyre…

  7. Great video mate

  8. To find the puncture I pump the inner tube up as much as possible and then slowly rotate it next to my ear until I hear the noise or feel the wind coming out.

  9. The other day I had 2 punctures on the back wheel before I had even got to my destination. All I can say is I wadnt happy 

  10. can you use stan green slime to fix leak?

  11. cameraman needs to blow his nose

  12. great video!!!, thanks!!

  13. A. a white substance you put inside your tire/tube that prevents flats.