Mountain Bike Maintenance : How to Repair a Mountain Bike Wheel

If you have to repair a bent mountain bike wheel, you can straighten out by hand temporarily, but for a long-term fix you need to give it a precise adjustment on a truing stand. Get your wheels rolling again with the help of this free video on mountain bike maintenance.

Expert: John
Bio: John works at Competitive Edge Cyclery, a store catering to bike enthusiasts in the greater Los angeles, California, area.
Filmmaker: Daniel Brea

Series Description: If you need to know how to repair a bent wheel on your mountain bike, perform necessary maintenance, or select the right mountain bike frame for your needs, these expert tips will set on the right path. An experienced bike repair professional shares his insights in this free video series


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15 Responses to “Mountain Bike Maintenance : How to Repair a Mountain Bike Wheel”

  1. man, that's an awesome and practical approach! NICE!

  2. Thanks for the video.

  3. how to repair a bent mountain bike wheel… step one… throw it away… step two… buy a new one 

  4. Good for school work

  5. go to the shop (Y)

  6. just remember when the rim once was bent, it won't be as strong as it was from the beginnng even after a successful repair like this bending it back. But definitely a trick to put in memory if you're out in a forest or on long touring when you have no other option than to make the wheel straight enough to be able to continue

  7. I have the feeling that you don't how to write bicycle!

  8. Yes. Just slam it really fucking hard to the ground. Then put it in a truing stand but don't mind how that thing actually works. Just slam the wheel really fucking hard again. Then randomly adjust a few spokes and give up. Easy as that. 

  9. Are all 20 inch bike frames have the same size cranks.

  10. I have a feeling that he doesnt know a thing about bicicles

  11. What is "WATE" ????


  13. So I just slam it really fucking hard, and that will fix it??

  14. "Now just a gentle tap with the entirety of the planet should straighten her out… WHACKO!! Maybe just a slight butterfly kiss nudge more… THWACKAH!!!"
    Heh, heh, my kind of repair.

  15. "oops looks like this wheel needs more adjusting! WACK!!!!!!!"

    i like him much better then that other kook from "Expertvillage"