[MBLAQ][ENG SUB] Seungho – Fixing A Bicycle @ Weekly Idol

Date : Feb, 11 Please turn CC on.
승호 주간아이돌 자전거 엠블랙


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45 Responses to “[MBLAQ][ENG SUB] Seungho – Fixing A Bicycle @ Weekly Idol”

  1. 우와~승호오빠!완전 대박!대박!

  2. So does Lee Joon.

  3. What the heck ??!? I always knew Seungho had many talents but OMG

    He's freakin unstoppable LOL

  4. Lololol it wud be insterestin to see seungho fix a car or.built something xD

  5. Seungho is the best ><

  6. we should call him Master Yang, because he his master of all trades hehe.

  7. 1:11 ohmygoshhies. he is so cute. as is his laugh. *O*

  8. Uri leader is very daebak

  9. فدوة لله

  10. LMAO first ut's a computer and now a bicycle next time it must be a truck or something!!! XD

  11. that's one more thing that i can add to the "things that seungho can do" list

  12. he is so perfect ! lol with joon and his twitter account

  13. ah,Seungho<3 He's such a handy man and really husband material

  14. @dontl1etom3 I don't think he even set the password… 0000 is kinda like the password that was set in every phone from the factory LOL

  15. Like a sir, Seungho, like a sir.

  16. fixing a bike in a suit…LIKE A BOSS

  17. @zafirah12 I had the same reaction . I was like wow , this guys have some great package . He doesn't like to do Aeygo but he is cute by nature . He is really in the my Top list of husband . 

  18. i think Seungho is one of the most perfect idol ever..like…what can't he do???
    he like can do almost EVERYTHING.!

  19. So in the end did Leejoon make a twitter account or not..???

  20. Seung-ho oppa! can be a family man already…….=D

  21. Seungho y u so perfect ;A;
    87-line looked like they were out on a bike date <3
    And Joonie and his password XDDD

  22. i want seungho to be my husband! <3

  23. i love how Hello Baby and Weekly Idol bring out his hubby and daddy-item in him.. *____________*

  24. @onceme2u Haha !! I'll need to set my phone pw as 0000 too . XD

  25. ohgodpls I need to marry Seungho like right now


  27. @gurlRain1 I think he forgot the default password xD

  28. is anyone going to sub the whole show

  29. no wonder he is the leader, almost perfect even as a dad in hello baby wow~ uri leader, somehow i respect him. like him?? dont even ask, he is always be my bias since their debut… 

  30. Lol Seungho just quietly fixing the bike n then ride it around….Joonie's clueless face,ahhh oppa I love u ;)

  31. i really want to watch the whole show T_T
    Seungho this man is killing me with his pure perfection ><
    how can he be real ?!? *O* poor me…i want him to be my husband T_T

  32. No wonder he's awarded as the best papa. See, he even can fix the bicycle which my dad can't do. Wow!

  33. LOOL I was surprised when the MC guy actually figured out his pass.. ROFL. Joonie <3

  34. lol i like how the two maknaes are watching yang leader fix the bike throughout this part ^_^ cute!

  35. @pop07corn Actually he said his email was "bri…" not "bir…"

  36. how can Seungho not be love

  37. I am feeling kinda sad for joon now u can see his face it was an uncomfortable situtation for him. If he doesnt wants to usw twitter then just let him do whatever he wants 🙁 dont force him pls i dont like that kind of "forcing some celebs to sth " programms

  38. @HebahTW Acutally he doesnt have a twitter accoutn that means he never ver tweeted not even two years ago xD

  39. HAHAHHAHA 😀 Joons dazzed face killed me 1:44 .. ahh joon its not that hard to learn about twitter I mean common <3 hahaha seunghos laugh is awesome :P

  40. Seungho is a genius tehee and Joon lol when was going to tweet him Happy Birthday I saw that the last time he tweeted was 2 years ago!! lol

  41. Does anyone put '0000' as their pw ? Lol . Only our Joonie will do ~~ XD

  42. Omoo ~~ Mr. Yang, what is it that u can't do ? Hehe ^^ As usual , our Yang Leader is capable of anything when it comes to machines ~~ ^^
    Joonie ahh ~ Please create a Twitter ^^

  43. @thesetangirl @thesetangirl Can I reply it? 120115 M/I/C MBLAQ Part.2 ( YT link is /pTd3Rujw_Tw around 12min) and 120119 [INTERVIEW] MBLAQ in Hanako Magazine ( I couldn't write direct link here. You can search it in google.It's released at Absolutemblaq wordpress. )

  44. @NanFe1789 where?? can you give me the link T^T

  45. Leader is mad awesome!
    Seriousl, what can't Seungho do?? xD
    Oh I love him so much <333