Installing V Brakes on a bicycle

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32 Responses to “Installing V Brakes on a bicycle”

  1. Oh man I love this guy's voice hahaha!

  2. good one.

  3. The way your talking in slow motion as if to a child for some reason, I couldn't stop laughing

  4. Not a god idea to grease the inner threads – use locktite.

  5. thanks , glad i found this video ! I have a better idea how to fix/install brakes now 🙂 and good tip about moving the washers if the brake arms are out too wide ! i think that may fix my current problem

  6. thx , good video

  7. thank you so much

  8. your videos help

  9. Thanks for the video.

  10. I'm trying to install front brakes on a bike I ordered online.   This video helped with closeup of the brake pads and mechanism.  However my problem is figuring out how to install the brake cable into the brake handle up by the handlebars.

  11. Thanks, I couldn't repair the brakes.

    I have just seen hairstyle, but he seems Carles Puyol.

  12. Awesome video! I was tearing my hair out until I watched this video, why does no one else mention the three littles holes the nub of the spring arm goes into, I could have saved me HOURS of frustration!

  13. background music sucks

  14. i love V breaks there the best 

  15. why grease on the threads? the color stuff on on the threads are the opposite of grease, it's locktite, which helps threads hold tighter, so they don't loosen from vibrations.

  16. this will work on the rear brakes right???

  17. Is there a correct order for the washers on the brake pads?

  18. it help  on my bike since i  no longer go to bike shop to fix my brakes

  19. Great video, very helpful.  can anyone tell me what tool was used at the end when he was tensioning the cable?

  20. Real good. Thanks.

  21. Gracias, no es complicado realizar este cambio de frenos como inicialmente lo creì.

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  23. awesome..thanks

  24. Yeah: Grease and Loctite = perfect combination =)
    The blue film on the mounting screw is Loctite. Loctite is for holding the screw on place. So please don't use grease on this screws. Because if there are a lot of vibration the screw can be turned out be itself.
    Loctite is for safety proposal.

    But thanks for this Vid, really detailed explanation.

  25. Back brake of my bike doesn't spring back. Is it because something's wrong with the handle or noodle at the back?

  26. Thanks…

  27. You should have put new brake cable on as well

  28. Every mountain bike can install v brakes or just specific mountain bikes? Cause i have a crank type of brakes and i wish to change them with these v brakes, i can right?.

  29. Thank you

  30. its the same procedure just in the rear and with a longer brake cable 

  31. "But I want them on my rear wheel :/"

  32. 1:49

    I took my brakes off to spray my bike, now I can't get the "pin" in one of the 3 holes, it's like their back to front (The pin is on the other side) I've tried both sets front and back, but that is irrelevant as they are both the same.

    I'm stumped as how to fit them back on. help?