How To Untangle A Bike Chain

Ever been in the frustrating situation of a knotted chain that won’t straighten out?
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It’s one of those problems that is easy to fix once you know how. Generally, your chain gets knotted when the top half crosses over the bottom half. Simply spread those two knots out and pull the chain back over your derailleur and chainset and the issue SHOULD be solved!

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28 Responses to “How To Untangle A Bike Chain”

  1. Next week, "How to ride a bike."

  2. Video was a godsend…

  3. Fantastic video – I fixed it in one!!  Many thanks

  4. very helpful. thank you.

  5. thanks I think I get that, now to give it a go!

  6. I put it in the car, pull it out. what do you know it's fixed. :)

  7. my chain was twisted with loops opposite so your tutorial was insufficient

  8. great explanation, watched this video and sorted the chain in seconds – novice cyclist so easy to follow tutorial – thanks

  9. mine has 3 loops can u plz show how to fix that

  10. how about fucking not taking the tire off

  11. what if there's more than two kinks?

  12. Thanks I was about to buy a new chain. But this only took 30 seconds

  13. i don't hare this video but it just comfused me and i made it worse

  14. help how to reinstall back geara

  15. WTF I have one tangle and cannot get it any suggestions?

  16. Thanks. Excellent tutorial. Got the kink out immediately.

  17. please help, theres only one loop and i have no idea how to fix it ive been going at it for 2 hours now

  18. Thank you because I would of had to take my whole chain off by some Trippy dude

  19. Thanks dude I was about to rage quit

  20. thank you !!! very well explained ….fix it!!!!ooooooo!lol

  21. Really helped me fix the problem

  22. Thank you. What a relief.

  23. brilliant. i'd given up but sorted the chain – and all 3 kinks – thanks to this video


  25. so what the fuck do i fucking do if I have 5 loops

  26. Is there any negatives to using a speed link or missing link? Safety? Lost wattage? Etc

  27. This video is exactly what I needed! 10/10