How To True A Bicycle Wheel

Bicycle wheels can buckle due to a crash or simply go out of true. Daniel Lloyd explains how to straighten your wheels.
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This is a video that we’ve had lots of viewer requests for: How To True A Bicycle Wheel.

Truing wheels is one of those maintenance jobs that is far easier than it sounds. Anyone can have a go at it with a couple of simple tools.

To true a bicycle wheel you will need:
A stand. This can be home-made, high-end, cheap, or even an upturned bike.
Spoke key. Make sure you get the correct size for your spokes and nipples. (hehe…)
More advanced wheel-truers (or builders) may want to use a dishing tool or spoke tensionmeter.

In this example Daniel used a high-end wheel truing stand. However, you don’t need one of these; if your wheel is slightly buckled, you may be able to true it to acceptable level by using your brake pads as a gauge. Obviously this will not be as accurate as the stand that Daniel is using but it will get you home or tide you over between trips to the bike shop.

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33 Responses to “How To True A Bicycle Wheel”

  1. thanks for the info

  2. how to true a wheel with bladed spokes?

  3. Hi Sir I'm frm South Africa. I would just like to know what is the name of the tool that u have put the wheel in. I've seen it for the first time in your videos

  4. Good advice, but your graphic showing "Anti-clockwise – Tighten" and "Clockwise – Loosen" (at 2.02 in the film) have the arrows of rotation both going the same way. Think you need to change the "Loosen" to the other way around.

  5. did anybody noticed at the marker 2:00 that the instructions are correct but the picture is wrong? LOL  both arrows point to the same direction – clockwise and counter-clockwise :)beside that – very nice video

  6. just had a small crash and my rear wheel is not true anymore. It's not an expensive wheel, do you guys suggest just getting a new one altogether or truing it?

  7. the method in the video is to get it super accurate – you can leave the tyre on and simply turn the bike upside down and spin the wheel and use the brakes or something else as a guide for the alignment. Then loosen a spoke on one side and tighten the one on the other to adjust – you can get it fairly close simply using your eyes.

  8. I have a question: What's the name of the support where you put the wheel? Thank you.

  9. What do you call the tool that tighten a rim

  10. If the center of the indicators is exactly inline with the center line of the drop outs in the stand, the truing stand can easily be used as a dishing gauge simultaneously, which is why I' building my own stand that will literally be better than any stand money can buy.

  11. The length of this video is perfect. You tell and show just enough to get the job done, without over-explaining as so many other videos do. Good job!

  12. excellent thanks.

  13. Only video that made sense

  14. just picked up a cheap second hand winter bike……………it's got stock wheels on………………..on the rear wheel while it runs true a lot of the spokes where very loose when I had a feel of them and had a lot of play side to side……………………so I took my spoke key to them and gave them around a half turn or so and tightened them all but now the wheel is way out of true and pulls to the left………………..doI back off the spokes a bit and try to get the wheel trued again but have loose spokes or do I try and tighten the spokes that are laced on the right hand side of the wheel…..? thanks

  15. Great. All of the most vital things to know are glossed over in a super fast thick British accent so…thanks for nothing.

  16. What about the wheel that have eyelet/ nipple ( tubeless version )

  17. how much tension should the spoke be?

  18. What kind of information do you have on specialized solid axles and no quick release.

  19. Should one remove the tyre when truing a wheel?

  20. to anyone trying to true a wheel I've got a cheap solution, if your brakes can be adjusted make sure to have them adjusted so that they are just slightly clearing the rim therefore if the brakes start rubbing you can tighten or loosen the spoke in the correct places
    Happy fixing :)

  21. any videos on replacing spokes?

  22. Hi there, how do you decide to tighten one spoke on one side or loosen two spokes on the opposite side ?

  23. wheel truing stand. I believe got one of those in the shad.

  24. The best way I've found, is to bin the wheel and get another one.

  25. thank you very much, good clear explanation. It works.

  26. Lefty ain't loosy 2:03

  27. Great video man. Very informative.

  28. What about spoke tension ?

  29. One word – mission

  30. He reminds me too much like James May. GG ^.^

  31. Your illustration at 2:03 shows you turning the spoke nipples the same direction for both loosening and tightening…..

  32. Great vid, but the graphic at 2 mins shows turning the same direction to tighten or loosen the spoke. Unless I am looking at it wrong.

  33. Thanks so much Dan! How about carbon wheels? Or should I just send it back for maintenance? Most lbs here seem to not be so gentle…scratched my frame too…:-(