How to tighten your bike chain

Hey guys just a quick video on how to tighten you bike chain. Quick easy and at home. Thanks for watching~EnvyBikes


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32 Responses to “How to tighten your bike chain”

  1. This might have been a decent demo if 1) There had been some light on the bike & chain and 2) if the person narrating might have spoken more clearly. She sounded very tired, a little drunk, or maybe just too lazy to enunciate her words. If you want your video tutorials to be viewed, make it worthwhile!

  2. Nice, dude. Thanks.

  3. Thanks!! no more grazes on legs and arms by falling off my bmx because of my loos chain that always comes off when riding fast

  4. it worked thanks

  5. That chain is not tight at all

  6. help me pleas every time I ride my box fast the pedals will loose traction with the chain and they move freely

  7. Wait my chain keeps falling off the rear axle still

  8. I knew pushing the tire back wouldn't tighten just couldn't get it to stay good job boy 👍

  9. I thought this would be a video with an bike expert showing viewers how to tighten a mountain bike chain. WTF is this hahahahaha how to tighten a shitty bike chain. I need an expert to show me how to service my chain.

  10. i had never thought of using the wrench like that, Thanks!

  11. I like your bike its handsome

  12. tnx my gram did it for me once and I forgot how to do it

  13. YOU SOUND LIKE ME xD! Look at my channel for proof!

  14. Thank you so much!!!

  15. Cheers dude!

  16. Thx

  17. I watched the video and was hero Aunt E today! Used the info and helped my niece and her friends fix her bike. Thank you so much!

  18. Thanks. I had no idea what a handy dandy wrench was but I improvised. Fixed my kids bike. Big up!

  19. Handy dandy

  20. I have to make a 4+ mile bike trip tomorrow, and you just saved me a trip to the bike repair shop. Seriously, thanks, man! And added note – loving the sound of steel on concrete!

  21. Thanks from another Dad…

  22. Dumbass it's not suppose to be that tight. Look up chain deflection. The bottom of the chain doesn't need to be tight as all the pressure of the chain is on the top the chain doesn't pull from the bottom. All you've succeeded in doing is wearing out your chain and cogs faster not to mention more effort to peddle.

  23. Or you can go buy the chain tensioners that go on under the nuts that hold the wheel on. Modern day way. I always used a broom handle instead of the wrench to pry the wheel back and the wheel needs to be centered before retightening. The chain still looks loose. Half inch up half inch down is all the play you should have and I learned that one the hard way. Good video though it shows how to tighten the chain period.

  24. Thank You very much, saved me time and money.

  25. Nice Video.  Thank you!

  26. This was seriously helpful. Thank you.

  27. I like my bike sounding dialed as fuck and this helped a lot 

  28. I don't understand. ; – ;

  29. Thank a lot … your video helped us fix our son's bike !!! kepp it up kiddo

  30. Lily's Dad: That was so simple I almost fainted. I can't believe I didn't think about that! Thanks dude for the awesome info.

  31. Thanks, just re-started bike riding after 30 years and this was a real help!

  32. I got a Verde Theory