How to set/fix up v-brakes on your bicycle

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This is a simple tutorial on how to fix v-brakes, make adjustments to the brake pads and make sure you have a safe ride. Adjusting bicycle brakes is generally very easy and can be done with only a few tools. If you don’t know which tools you need, check out my video regarding tools you need to make simple tune-ups and repairs to your bicycle here :
My channel is set up to help bicycle enthusiasts, servicemen or just regular sunday riders fix up their bicycles and makes sure that their bicycles last for a very long time.
Taking care of your bicycle – adjusting, cleaning, lubing and generally fixing/servicing your bicycle regularly can really help you get the most out of your bicycle and help keep it alive longer.
If you have any questions or problems, don’t hesitate to message me, i’d love to take a look at your issue and help you out with your bicycle problems.
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28 Responses to “How to set/fix up v-brakes on your bicycle”

  1. 😉😃

  2. Thank you this video helped a lot

  3. I have exactly these problems with my sons bike. Thanks for this video!

  4. great, thanks

  5. man i find this so hard i've been at it for hours and cannot get it align its either too loose or too tight

  6. its called an allen key😂

  7. I tried all this stuff but the improvement is negligible and btw that spring tension screw didn't make any difference, one side is pulling, the other not no matter how much I tighten or loosen them. And then after applying the brakes am left with the sticky side still stuck to the rim. I notice that on one side of the brakes the spring tension screw is at a slightly different angle to the other side. Not sure if this is normal. So I sprayed the relevant areas with lubricant, tested many times and again no difference. So in the end I took the sticky side brake pad off (rear brakes) and now I use just the front brakes, with assist from one brake pad at the back. lol. What else can I do? Maybe the brakes are fooked :(

  8. Excellent, saved me a trip to the bike shop!


  10. "This is a simple tutorial on how to fix v-brakes"

    I found it to be insanely helpful, thank you.

  11. You're using the cut down credit card to set tow, but not explaining why.

  12. thanks dude, you saved me some bucks.

  13. thank you

  14. "This is my friend Bike." Hi Bike!

  15. Hey thanks for this vedio it really help me a lot and saved me some money man u had a promblem with breaks caple and thanks to u I sort them out ✌✌

  16. Thank you soooooo much! I fixed my brakes :3

  17. Great Video. Will show you how to adjust brakes.

  18. The brakes were off-center on my bike for YEARS! Awesome tutorial. Thank you, helped so much!

  19. This is the best v brake adjustment tutorial i've seen, and i've seen many.

  20. Finger action. dun dun dun dun dun, bopa bopa daaa! dunda dunda dunnn!

  21. ok so I am new to biking and been surfing how to videos, and yours are the first that are actually helpful, most of them tell u what to do yours are the first where u can actually see what u are doing. Looking forward to more of your videos

  22. you look nice very

  23. those side tention adjuster screws on all v brakes fucking suck

  24. This video helps me a lot

  25. Extremely helpful and too the point!

  26. thanks mate, awesome vid

  27. Brilliant video! Who knew spacers would make such a difference. I've been struggling with a new pair of brakes and I was getting ready to take them back. But after watching your video, and swapping the spacers, they work just like they should. I'm a fairly experienced DIY bike mechanic, so it's nice to learn new stuff! Thank you.

  28. when i put my inner cable through the outer cable the inner cable bundles up.. what would i need to do??