How to Replace Brake Cables – Bicycling Magazine

Learn how to replace brake cables and housing in Bicycling magazine’s maintenance and repair video series. The online bike repair videos help you get the most out of do it yourself bike repair and bike maintenance at home.
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14 Responses to “How to Replace Brake Cables – Bicycling Magazine”

  1. you need to lose those ridiculous sideburns… just sayin'

  2. Great video I have old Shimano BR-5700 STi's and pivot callipers. I have recently replaced the outer and inner cables with the Pro Jagwire kit. The front brake and gears are working fine however the rear calliper will not fully release when attached to the cable. I have checked everything I have even lubed the cables with Finishline Extreme Fluoro grease. What could be the problem do I need a new calliper?

  3. If you have cable disc brakes do yourself the favor and spend around a 100 bucks and buy some Shimano Deore hydraulic disc brakes.  Hydraulic disc is the only way to go for a mountain bike.

  4. The chops

  5. I bought new brake line but after I installed them. There was tension on the brake handle. Meaning if I pull on the handle, it doesn't spring back. Do I have to oil up the lines? In the video the guy didn't so I really feel like I wasted time and I failed. Can someone help? Thanks

  6. I tried and failed horribly.

  7. U did good intalling a brake calb but one thing u for got is put a thin coat of grease on the calb wire then run it though the houseing thanks

  8. Them sideburns! 

  9. My cable is snapped off at the end so I got a new cable, but do I have to replace the housing too? Seems unnecessary if it's just the cable that's the issue

  10. Great video .. Thanks man (Y)

  11. You're a douche, Jason! Should they be children fixing bikes. The best part is you redneck, is that ALL you can do is probably fix cars. I'm assuming you're out of shape and have poor hygiene, too ….. 

  12. grown men working on bicycles because they weren't a good enough mechanic to work on cars. It least it makes him feel good about himself.

  13. What the heck does Todd have on his left forearm?

  14. Exactly what i needed thanks 😀