How To Replace Bike Wheel Hub Bearings

I show how to overhaul a cup and cone hub on a rear bicycle wheel. I take apart the hub, clean all the parts, install new ball bearings, repack the races with marine grease, reassemble the hub and adjust the cones. I also show removing and install the freewheel.

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26 Responses to “How To Replace Bike Wheel Hub Bearings”

  1. Hi RJ, this video had helped me solve the issue on my rear hub. GREAT!!

    I found out that my rear hub has lots of free play last time. Was trying to find replacement hub online but they are just too expensive. So I chance upon your video and immediately realised that was the problem. After tightening the nut, the freeplay is gone. Thanks mate!

  2. Thank you! That was really helpful. Keep up the great work!!!

  3. you know what's easier, if you put the axl back and then put the bearings

  4. When i was a child we was poor i use to use margarine to put bearing in

  5. ball bearing is for what ?

  6. awesome , with that kind of info i feel confident enough to get it done myself Thanks.

  7. Neat little grease gun there.

  8. i have a question. I did a spin test simultaneously on both wheels and i noticed that the rear wheel spins much longer than the front wheel. should i replace the ball bearings in front or should i replace the whole hub? or is it normal?

  9. Damn wish I had one of those 'cheater bars' laying around

  10. can i use a crescent wrench instead of a cone wrench?

  11. What is in the jar is it water

  12. Very thorough! Thank you.

  13. Really great article. Concise, clear and full of good tips.

  14. Your Video has helped me a lot, Thank you so much for this easy to follow Video.

  15. I went to a Bicycle Shop in San Antonio called Blue Star Bicycle Company on 9/3/16, next to the San Antonio River, to buy a tool that would take off the Free Wheel, the guy that was on duty was talking with a Bicycle Guy, not about business, but just socializing, he gave me a quick look and did'nt say, hey, I will get with you in a Minute, so after a while, I worked my way back out of his Shop. There is a Bicycle Shop in Downtown San Antonio, Charles A. James Bicycle Shop, I went there, they helped me after helping another customer, I won't be going back to the other place, the Man at Charles A. James sold me the tool that I would need to take the Free Wheel off and also Ball Bearings, and Grease.

  16. This is a great video. Bicycles are simple , repairable machines that can last a lifetime and your film helps people do this… good work BikeGuy

  17. this was so darn straight forward and easy to understand. WOW! others should learn from this

  18. the whole rear wheel axle is in half with all the bolts intact and the sprocket is still on the wheel. I loosened the bolts to remove the wheel and the whole thing just fell off completely, so now i have two halfes of a rear axle and wheel with the sprockets intact i don't know how to remove the sprockets from the wheel please help

  19. In the beginning of the video when you wiggled that piece and said there is a lot of play how would I fix that there is a lot of play on mine

  20. Great video, subbed! I just bought a $45 road bike that needs a lot of work, but I wanted to do it myself. Thanks for this video!

  21. I used this video to redo the bearings in my front wheel. Worked like a charm, no binding in the wheel. Thanks!

  22. beautiful work

  23. thenks your videos are really helpful

  24. Do you know what size ball bearings a 24 inch bike needs.

  25. guess this guy loves the adjustable spanners ?

  26. my rear wheel is making a noise like groom (similar to a motorcycle) when i drive without pedaling. if i start pedaling the noise stops. what could this be?