How to replace a mountain bike chain and cassette

Change your chain to experience crisp, improved power transfer

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26 Responses to “How to replace a mountain bike chain and cassette”

  1. Excellent tutorial as always, keep them coming please.

  2. I like thread-on freewheel hubs much more then cassettes. If your cassette goes to waste, you have to change the whole wheel with a new one. If a thread-on freewheel hub turns into crap you just need to buy a new hub.

  3. 7:43 fail

  4. 7:44 fail

  5. i cant push the pin out with all my might and the link is now non-bending. what to do?

  6. Its bad

  7. Can u help my brother hit my back tire and my chain ell off my cassette it's a next power climber

  8. These videos are very helpful and I replaced my cassette and chain with the help of this.

  9. Nice video!I have one problem in my new 29er installed new chain everything is ok work well 2×1 work fine but when do backwards pedaling change gear to 3rd or 4th gear! Are you have any idea what it is or what is going on in my chain… chanrings is 38×24 in the front with 11-32 cassete with medium derailleur all is slx 2013 model!

    thanks in advice Phillip!

  10. How do you change a chain if it's too rusted and frozen. I have a 1990's road bike, and the chain is rusted, shockingly still pedals but I want a better chain to go on there. Thanks!

  11. If you use the lock-ring tool without a handle, use the quick release (sans springs) to hold the tool firmly in place. Then  remove it as soon as the lock-ring loosens.

  12. replacing my own chain next time, thanks for the money saving tip :)

  13. can you just use the lenght of the chain you are going to replace?

  14. What bike is that…and how much was it?

  15. What bike is that…and how much was it?

  16. Useful tut – thanks very much!

  17. how do you tighten the chain though???

  18. Nice bike intense

  19. Useful vid, thanks

  20. Thanks, but did you notice            this guy             speaks in          small blasts         and ends          each sentence            like it's          a question

  21. nice bike

  22. If you follow the directions that came with shimano's chains you wrap the chain around the large chainring and large cog on the back bypassing the rear derailleur. Bring the chain together and add one inner and one outer link to the chain or one inner and the connecting link if using a sram chain.

  23. Omg.. i think ill pay some1 to change the chain and cassette. Ha

  24. Good video but working out length of chain was vague. There doesn't appear a good vid anywhere showing what length the chain should be.

  25. Excellent Vid thanks !