How to Replace a Mountain Bike Bicycle Chain

Hi in this video I show you how I change/replace a MTB mountain bike Shimano chain using a wear gauge tool to confirm the wear of the chain, bicycle chain tool, and measure the new chain so it has the right length.

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10 Responses to “How to Replace a Mountain Bike Bicycle Chain”

  1. Great vid. Nice and clear understanding of how to do it. I will have a go replacing mine. Thanks Mazon

  2. Hello ! I have a 10 year old mtb with 8 speed shimano cassette. I am looking to replace the rear wheel (with a new 8 speed shimano cassette) with a new one to mount a disc brake. If I install a new shimano cassette (say 8 speed shimano hg41), will my old shimano chain be still compatible with the new shimano cassette even though they're of the same "type"(8 speed) and brand? Could you please reply ? I am really keen into finding out whether the chain will still be compatible or not so I can do the work myself… Thanks!

  3. Very informative video thanks.

  4. Focus! ; )
    Thanks for the nice video!

  5. thanks u really helped me alot☺👏

  6. Very nice video. I like the close ups and how you explain each step. It helped me a lot. Thank you

  7. I note you fit the joining pin to the end of the link that goes into the sprockets and jockey wheels 2nd ie the non joining pin goes into the sprockets first.This is the way I fit my chains and have done it this way for a number of years without problems.I have watched a few other methods on youtube and note they say you should have the joining pin going into the jockey wheels 1st.I feel this is the weaker option!!

  8. Really good video, helped me a lot, thank you !

  9. I just changed mine, but doesn't move smoothly as yours, do I have to take the pin off again? Thanks

  10. Good stuff, thanks