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Okay, we are going to talk about how to remove and remount your bicycle wheels. This is a road bike. Most road bikes have caliper brakes, which are going to have a quick release; usually like this, which basically is going to open up your brake caliper which is going to get the tire out of the actual brake calipers. So you twist that to the top. This is a quick release lever so basically all you are going to do is get your fingers behind it, pull it down and then unscrew it slightly and your wheel just falls right out.

Then to remount the front wheel, what you are going to do is have the lever all the way up so that you are not going to hit your brake pads. Have your quick release open enough so it can get over the little tabs that are on the bottom here. Pull it straight up and through. Then you are going to screw down the quick release; not too tight because it is a lever system so basically it is going to push down and cinch on it by itself. Just get that feel. This is a little bit too tight; see I cannot push it easily so I am going to unscrew it slightly. That is just way too easy, that is really dangerous because it can flop open at any time. So just right in the middle of those two. It is better to have it a little bit tight just to be safe.

Also, you are going to make sure that when you pull it up straight that it is sitting straight in the fork so basically you can see the line from where the bolt is on the brakes. Make sure this is really straight. You do not want to have it sideways like that or on the other side sideways because then it is not going to sit properly and also it is not going to ride properly.

So make sure you cinch that closed. You do not want to do what a lot of people do with quick releases; a lot of people just spin them all the way down and they do not actually close them and they think that is secure. Really what you need to do is you need to push that lever all the way down and make sure that it is nice and secure.

Then after you are done with that make sure that you put the quick release for your brake back down so you are not going to be riding along and have a very loose brake. Double check it. Make sure that it is stopping properly. Make sure that it is in there real nice, straight and secure.


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