How To Replace A Bike Chain

As they’re one of the consumable parts of your drivetrain, knowing how to fit a bike chain is an essential skill for any home mechanic.


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  • This is as useless a how-to video as one gets. It doesn't say anything about proper chain length, exactly how to measure a worn chain, and how to un-stiffen the tight link that you just joined with the Shimano pin. Absolutely useless and actually harmful. BTW, a lot of Park tools suck.

    Change the cassette every time you change your chain? Do you buy a new house every time you have put on new roof shingles?

  • What's the Length/Details of that Spoke Hook/Hanger?… I've replayed your guide, and there seems to be no mention about it.

  • What about Campagnolo? Don't leave us out!

  • 1: It's not unreasonable to expect a cassette to last at least three chains, provided they are changed out in good time.
    2: You didn't mention chain growth for suspension bikes.
    3: Sram, Shimano and Sheldon all recommend sizing the chain by wrapping around the largest chainring and sprocket and adding an additional link.

  • Why should i never ride in tge largest gear?

  • This video does not address correct installation of newer directional chains on Shimano's new high-end group sets. Improper installation (chain wrong direction, pushed out leading pin instead of trailing pin, and/or new pin insertion on wrong side) is the #1 reason they fail and have bad reviews. In fact, these chains show be a whole video to themselves.

  • could you just take the chain to a bike shop and get them to size it based on the old one

  • Are there any other basic tool-free ways of inspecting for chain wear without purchasing a chain wear tool?  

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