How to Replace a Bike Chain by Performance Bicycle

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23 Responses to “How to Replace a Bike Chain by Performance Bicycle”

  1. I followed all the techniques you described on a Shimano  HG 6>8 speed chain and at the joining link the chain is very stiff, I cant really take the bike out on the road to "force free" it what if it snaps! ? I have no confidence in this principle whatsoever, its simply not needed, anyway any method of freeing it will be appreciated!

  2. I got knocking sound on my cassette you think I need to replace it?but it still working.thanks for the video

  3. Other videos neglect stating the fact that Shimano chains are directional. Kind of an important point, I'd say. Thanks for pointing that out.

  4. which brand is the chain tool you use

  5. So nearly the perfect video about chain length/removal/replace. Got my old chain off, laid flat to line up and measure. Using a Sram chain after an old Shimano 10 speed. I need to accommodate the powerLock but a little confused as to where to break the new chain. Maybe 1 link won't make too much of a difference. Tomorrow in daylight I'll try the Big cog at the front and big on the back to double check length. Great video anyhow. Cheeeers  

  6. I recently replaced my old chain with a bell chain , when I'm riding through gears 5-7 it jumps as if it was to skip gears but it's not skipping gears. When I pedal forward it wants to free up for a sec then go back to normal. Any suggestions? 

  7. Thank you. I didn't realise the SRAM chains were so easy to fit. I couldn't have done it without this video though. Subscribed. Big thumbs up.

  8. Excellent

  9. when you say to wrap the chain around the large cassette cog and the the large chain ring without going thru the rear derailuer and see where they touch then add two links, what is considered a link? Is a link one pin or two?

  10. Excellent video.

  11. what if you have a new drive train (from 50 to 53) so you need to size it up will you add two links plus the missing link? or just add one link plus the missing link? thanks

  12. would a quick release link cause the chain to slip on the bottom gear ? 
    I just put new chain and cassette on and it slips on the 8th gear, the rest are fine any ideas ?

  13. thank you very much for you are video.

  14. Thanks for the informative video. Everything i needed to know on here to replace my chain 

  15. nice job!

  16. I recently tried to replace a chain for my buddy on his 29er and ran the new chain around both large sprocket and large chain ring but went through the derailer, decided that the chain was too short, and ended up taking it to a shop to sort out…. The new chain was in fact 60mm shorter than the old chain (maybe the old chain was too long?) The bike was a hard-tail…..

  17. It's sad that people throw their money away going to a bike shop instead of buying the tools and doing this themselves at home.  With all the videos online for bicycle repair you should be able to do most repairs yourselves leaving the advanced stuff like wheel building to the shops.  I can't believe how many people actually pay to have a flat fixed instead of replacing a tube themselves.

  18. Great vid, thanks!

  19. Excellent video, thanks.

  20. very helpful, wish I had watched before I attempted it myself, I now need a new chain lol

  21. Great video, thanks much. Watched once, went to bicycle shop to buy chain and breaker tool, came home and replaced my worn out chain.

  22. Great vid.

  23. Thanks for showing the difference in the main two chain types and installations for each.