How to Repair V-Brakes on a Bicycle

This is a quick tutorial about fixing and tuning V-Brakes on your bike.

The bike featured in this video is my daily commuting bike.


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31 Responses to “How to Repair V-Brakes on a Bicycle”

  1. best v brske video on youtube

  2. Best video on doing v-brakes I've seen yet. Thanks for creating it. Thanks for posting.

  3. Thanks for this vid. Question: after I've adjusted & balanced my Vbrakes I fan the brakes just to check function & im noticing that one side sticks intermittently. Any idea why this is happening?

  4. awesome video!! Very well made step by step! It solved some questions  about adjustments.. Thanks!

  5. They need to bring back the old V break.Ride a bike with these piece of crap V break and expect to land on a ditch one day.

  6. Thanks a lot! This fixed my problem!

  7. What are you using 

  8. Thank you , it was really helpful

  9. Wow your videos are awesome!   Just ordered some new pads I'll be using to replace my old ones using your other video, but I think I'll give the brake mechanisms a good cleaning while I'm at using this video ;)

  10. Thank you for all of your video's! The way you explain everything is awesome, clear, and starts from step 1 to the end. I never found anybody who explains how to repair a bike as well as you! Thank you. Is it ok if my limit screws are facing down towards the floor? I put my pin in the hole that has the tightest tension and the limit screw on, my brake shoe, is connected to the pin that goes into the hole, so when the pin is in the hole with the most tension the limit screws are facing down, but are not straight?

  11. This is a great video. I wish I would have seen this years ago!

  12. Thanks!!! I should have searched YT first. Just replaced my worn pads with some new ones and one side was sticking and I stripped out the spring screw trying to fix. Didn't even occur to me to take off the V brake and lube and clean the inside.  Thanks. Problem fixed. Can still turn screw with needle nose 🙂

    15 minutes and cleaned all four brakes.

  13. Great video!  Thank you so much for sharing!  I am looking forward to watching your winter cycling vids.  It should keep me motivated to ride in the rain here on Vancouver Island.  Monsoon season from October to June.  Ha ha

  14. Brilliant tutorial thanks, finally managed to sort my brake problem

  15. Super helpful! I'm about to start my first winter riding session through Toronto.

  16. Thanks, your video just help me fix an old mountain.    

  17. Thanks from Texas!

  18. Great video. Thanks.

  19. Thanks for the video, it really helps a lot! Your vidoes really are excellent instructions!!

  20. Thanks, very good explanation.

  21. Your video just saved me from having to use plubic transportation tomorrow, thanks a lot!

  22. Very good tutorial – good tips and filming, clipping etc. Thank you very much.

  23. Thanks. This is very much appreciated.

  24. thanks for the video bro, it helped me a lot!

  25. Where do you live? All of the bikes I have ever rode or worked on have been the same as the one in the video, but I have heard some bikes in Australia have the cables routed the opposite way.

  26. I noticed your brake level on the left of the handlebar was controlling the front brake. Mines the opposite…

  27. great vid thanks

  28. Excellent video.
    Having watched a few other similar videos, I was still having trouble adjusting my brakes. One arm was sticking to the rim.
    After watching your video, I successfully adjusted my brakes. The main thing was moving the internal brake spring from the bottom to the middle hole on the bike frame, so that the spring pushed the arm out slightly more away from the wheel rim.
    Great job because of a great video. Well done.

  29. Thanks for the vid.

  30. This was the most thorough video about repairing and adjusting v-brakes that I came across. Thanks for putting it together, it has helped me out a lot!