How to repair bike chain links (using a chain tool)

Here’s the chain tool:

A chain tool, or “chain break” is used to take links in and out of a bicycle chain. Many multi tools come with chain breakers, and you may even have one laying around. This video shows you the basics of using the chain tool, and what all the parts do.


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18 Responses to “How to repair bike chain links (using a chain tool)”

  1. Thanks dude

  2. and does this tool work with an 8 speed chain?

  3. Hello, do you highly recommend this tool for a regular diy?

  4. Also, don't buy a cheapo (Walmart) chain tool. Mine lasted 2 uses. Live and learn.

  5. Perfect tutorial. Thank you for fast forwarding the parts we don't need to sit through.

  6. We ran across these chains that have a splash of color on them. I was wondering what you thought of them.
    "KMC X10SL DLC diamond blue black 10 speed" We ride Fuji, 29ers with Shimano derailer and narrow wide Race Face 32T. Thanks for your time, we love watching your videos … keep them coming!!

  7. How do u tighten a chain? Make a vid pleeeaaasseee.


  9. What instances do you have to split a chain? The bikes I've owned, I was able to just slip the chain off whole. (Not being sarcastic – I truly want to know 🙂 Thx

  10. Great video, thanks.

  11. best video on how to use the chain tool!

  12. My rear derailleur somehow broke, and j am saving up for one. Can I just remove a big section of the chain and use the bike without the derailleur as a temporary fix?

  13. You have a voice like a Snoop dogg
    I like your videos
    Regards !

  14. Sorry for the noob question but what and where is the master link?

  15. how do i get rid of a front derailleur without cutting the chain.. I do not give a fuck about the derailleur.. please help

  16. Seth, how safely can a chain pin be reused? Or do you recommend using a master link once the chain has been "broken"? (By the way, I love watching your videos. They're clear, informative, and entertaining.)

  17. I wish I saw your video before buying the chain tool… For some reason I thought that those two chain holders were for different kinds of chains (probably because of product descriptions) and ended up buying the one w/o them, i.e. with only one holder. Of course, it'll do the trick, but still…

    Keep up the good work!

    P.S. Just watched how the "pros" do it on Topeak channel and it seems that they even don't understand how their own tools work… Bicycling industry strongly reminds me of [high-end] audio industry…

  18. I much prefer this length of video, it's just more informative than the short videos where everything in crammed into a 1:25 second video