How to Repair And Rebuild A 20 inch Single Speed Hub Bicycle Rear With Coaster Brakes

Repairing And Rebuilding A 20 inch Single Speed Hub Bicycle Rear With Coaster Brakes


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21 Responses to “How to Repair And Rebuild A 20 inch Single Speed Hub Bicycle Rear With Coaster Brakes”

  1. do you have to put the braking system back in? tge spring is broke on my daughters n is making a crazy sound.

  2. ty you are the only one who showed which way they small bearings went. I used your video before but I forgot which way that outer one went thanks.

  3. here's a hint take you brake shoe of it makes much easier

  4. Thanks this helped me

  5. Very helpful. Thanks!

  6. man u great. u teach me. the most hard part is dealing with those 2 shoes. but, as u showed, there's only one way to insert them properly fitting— meaning insert them first (i'm sure it's the secret of pro bike repairers), and seal with the finger that side of the hub, move to next side of the hub and screw in the entire screw while the bearings and all are fitted and liberally greased. i look all over utub for that part, and ur vid is most effective. i almost gave up, til ur vid saved me


  8. on my bike the sproket side came out instead of the brake hub..I have a beast mongoose

  9. Thank you so much for doing this video. It was a huge help!

  10. Mine is old school and the clutch plates are a bit different but I was able to follow these instructions and get it back together. Thanks loads!

  11. Thank you so much for making these videos. i am currently rebuilding an old 14in bike for my daughter and your instructions have saved me alot of guess work.

  12. Thank you so much for this step by step video my sons bike needed repairs and i took it apart without thinking needless to say i used your video to put it back together! thank you again!!

  13. Excellent job! Thanks so much.


  15. Hey thanks for the video. You have no idea how much I appreciate it. You was very helpful and you saved me having to pay a bike shop to fix it. Thank you again Sir.

  16. You did an outstanding job on this video! Excellent, clear, and understandable. Thank you so much

  17. thank you after disassemble their was only one brake pad inside thought this must be something new but after watching your video the manufacture left it out its an new beach bike with the little kids sprocket assemble wow who would of thought anyway thanks

  18. Awesome video. Thank you but i have a question. My sons bike has cable brakes on front and back. The bike is a bit big for him still. He isnt strong enough to pull breaks. Is it possible to do away with cable wire brakes and install the coaster brake where he would peddle backwards to stop?

  19. Great video! I ordered a new bike and was told by others online to open up the hub and grease it all before I ride it. I guess the factory doesn't do it well. 

  20. Awesome! Thanks much for the video. It was a great help.

  21. Thank you for making this video.  This is very helpful indeed.  I am planning on purchasing a folding bike with coaster brakes, and this video  will sure come handy for its maintenance.