How to Repair a Broken Bicycle Spoke

This is a quick tutorial on changing a broken spoke on a bicycle.

This is my first repair-style video. I intend to make a series of repair videos as repairs on my bikes are needed. I hope this video is helpful, I love doing bike repairs!

Please let me know in the comment section if you have any questions, and I will do my best to answer them ASAP.

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The bike in this video I call ‘The 35’. I’ve used it almost every day for 2 years, including 2 Canadian winters. The amount of rust on the bike was caused from road salt, not abuse. I’ve kept the bike very well maintained, and it still rides as good as a brand new bike.


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37 Responses to “How to Repair a Broken Bicycle Spoke”

  1. great info.. regarding removing cassette will I need to buy chain whip to remove cassette as in video you pressing wheel against the wall seems to have done the trick

  2. Helpfull video. Thank you.

  3. you gave me a good idea to assess my bike now!

  4. very informative. thank you!

  5. When I tried this years ago, my wheel bearings came apart after I removed the cassette.

  6. thanks for your video!

  7. The guy at the repair shop told me I need to buy a new wheel because I had 6 busted spokes. Do you think that it would be worth trying to fix?

  8. and the 4th reason why you may have a broken spoke is because somebody kicked in your spokes while it was locked up.
    Thanks for posting this. Helpful.

  9. super helpful

  10. Thank God I broke a spoke on my front wheel…So much easier to replace it compared to the ones on the back. o/ I might even spare myself some cash by goin on my uni campus and looking around for some abandoned bicycles. The amount of those is amazing. XD

    You're awesome for sharing all these easy to follow tutorials. Last year I had to replace my freewheel (your video), this year I had to replace the axle (your video…again!) and now I broke a spoke on my front wheel – will give this a go tomorrow after I look for a new spoke. I would give you a sloppy kiss but since I'm a dude and also you are pretty far away, I shall restrain myself and just give you a big, fat THANK YOU!

  11. Thanks CJ! Now I know how I can save $25 at the bike shop. I just broke another spoke this past week on  my hybrid bike. I ride a combination of rail trails and bumpy/potholey streets on my daily commute to work. After this last one, I am thinking a heavier duty set of rims is going to be a must. I broke a different one last summer, really messed up my rear rim, and I had to hike 3 miles to work that day pushing my bike, haha.

  12. Good tips. thanks.

  13. I have the audio off. So what you're saying is you need to buy a new spoke??

  14. ace video

  15. Great video.  Very helpful.  Thanks

  16. you tighten the spoke by turning the tool clockwise on the nipple?

  17. What psi should I inflate my tires to, I have a cheap non suspension bike with 26" wheels. What psi do you use out of interest, thanks.

  18. Thanks dude your videos rock my socks!

  19. Good video. Shows you don't need all the fancy truing stands, gauges and work stand. Thanks

  20. Can pot holes or an overweight rider (260 lbs) break the spokes? I was changing a flat then a slightly squeezed adjacent spokes to check then tension then one of the spokes broke off.

  21. Cheers bro

  22. Heading to the bike store to pick up a spoke now. Thanks for the how-to. It'll probably save me somewhere in the neighborhood of $26.50 for having a bike mechanic do it.

  23. You are generous to share this info. It was very helpful to me. I used it to fix my bike on my own. Thank you.

  24. What to do if nipple went out off rim? My rims are made of aluminum. Probably when truing I tensed one spoke too much in relation to other.
    Spoke bent because was cought in cassette and broke chain, even worse bent jockey wheel cage plate. Can that single spoke be reused and how to repair hole in rim?

  25. I did it today 🙂
    Just like you .. thanks a lot

  26. Thumbs up!

  27. Very nice video. In the cycle shop they are charging £15 for doing this thing. You save my money. I am gonna do it myself. Thank you so much. From United Kingdom. 

  28. Good video, thanks.

  29. So what if your bike uses brake discs instead?

  30. Four years later and your videos are still as helpful as the day you made them. You do a great job of explaining each detail of these processes, thank you! Seeing them done makes the job easy. Again, Thank You for taking the time to make these videos!

  31. Very helpful video.  Great editing. I like the detail videos that you made available too, and the way you sped up the obvious parts.  I am going to check out the "removing the freewheel more thoroughly".  That seems to be the most tool-sensitive part of this job.   Thanks, man.

  32. I broke the nipple but not the spoke. the spoke is still pretty straight. what do I do?

  33. Thank you for your videos, your explanations are very clear, thery are very useful, greetins from Argentina

    Sorry for my english.

  34. thank you

  35. Dude auswem video man and great editing

  36. As I explained in the video, the technique for removing a cassette varies quite a bit for different makes and models of cassettes. The tool that I used on my bike, isn't necessarily the tool that your bike would need. Since this video is focused on replacing a broken spoke, I didn't go into much detail about all of the different techniques for removing a cassette. For more details on removing a freewheel/cassette,I have a video titled: "How to Change a Freewheel/Cassette on a Bicycle"

  37. "a tool that looks like this" doesnt help anybody, i need to know what the tool is…