How to Put on New Bike Tire & Tube | Bicycle Repair

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And a lot of tires have treads on them, so you want to make sure that the tread is going the correct way. Basically if you see, you have gears in the back, basically what would have to happen is the tread would have to go with the wheel so you could see it would go this way.

And a lot of the time what we like to do is we like to put the actual label right where the valve is. So if you do have a flat and you pump up your tube, you can see exactly where the hole would be. It makes it a lot easier for fixing flats. So you just put the one side on and then you’re gonna get your tube and make sure that you pump up the tube slightly just so it becomes round so it’s easier to put inside the tire and also so you don’t pinch it when you’re putting on the other side. And you start with the valve here, put the valve in, pull the tire over the tube, and start pushing the tube inside the tire and the rim. So once you get it inside the tire and the rim, what you’re gonna do is you’re going to push the other side of the tire, the sidewall of the tire, on the actual rim.

So you’re going to start at the valve, you’re going to start opposite where you took if off and basically use the back of your hand to push the tire on, making sure that you’re not pinching the tube. So you want to make sure that the tube isn’t hanging out here ’cause it’ll actually pinch, it’s like a pinch flat, and then you’ll have to replace the tube. So you kind of just want to go all the way around holding the tire. Sometimes it gets a little difficult like right at the end here, so you can take a tire lever, make sure that you’re not pinching the tube, use it backwards. So instead of using it this way like taking off the tire, you turn it upside down and you just hook the tire up on to the rim. Once the tire is on the rim, you want to make sure that you start inflating it. Well, before you do that make sure that the tire is seated properly, so basically what that means is there’s a seam that runs around most tires that should be even all the way around on both sides. If it’s not then it can cause a blowout which is never good. So as you pump up the tire make sure you keep on looking at the seam to make sure that it’s seating properly and make sure that you’re keeping an eye on your gauge to see what pressure it’s at. Every tire is a little different. It will actually say on the sidewall of the tire.

This tire says ‘Maximum inflation pressure – 65psi’, so I wanna make that I do somewhere around 65 psi. So once you get up the pressure make sure that you remember to tighten down that screw if it’s a Presta valve. If it’s a Schrader valve make sure to put the cap on it because it prevents dirt from getting into the valve. And that’s how to replace a tire.


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  1. There's a number of variables involved in mounting a tire onto a rim. This video is fine for a broken-in tire that's got a wire bead. Mounting a new folding bead tire onto a road rim is a whole different ballgame. And in contrast to the opinion of one poster, using a tire iron is not idiotic. In some cases, there is simply no other choice.

    And when you're using folding bead road tires, it's best not to use them when they're "green". Fixing a flat with one of these beasts along the roadside is not for the meek of heart because a green tire is harder to remove than it is to mount it. I always mount new tires on a spare set of wheels and leave them on for a couple of weeks. I pump them up to 120-130 PSI and during the time they're on the spare wheels, the bead will stretch making subsequent mountings much easier..

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  3. Not very helpful

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  5. yes it only took me 5 minutes to complete the tire and it worked out great!!!!!!


  7. I can't tell which direction the treads go or which direction the wheel goes in the beginning of the video- that didn't make any sense.

  8. This saved my day! Putting the inflated tube back in with one side of tyre was so easy following your steps

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  11. Narrow aluminum wheels are easy. Wide carbon wheels are a different story altogether.

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  13. Feb 20TH 2016 Video makers; also a lesson to be learned: My compliments, simple, understandable, easy to follow verbal & demonstrated instructions. Some persons making video's could take a lesson from you, no matter what their video is about. thanks, Bruce @79 yrs young.

  14. thanks a lot mate 😀 it worked perfect and i manage to change it first time ever lol great video cheer's

  15. If you're losing tires every day you should probably check inside your tire for any glass that might have gotten inside it.  Or maybe you should rewatch the video to make sure you're actually installing it correctly.

  16. nice video

  17. ever wonder why tires easily gets holes? because they arent thick enough the reason why they wont thicken it because the company wants u to get ur tires flat and then buy new ones everyday.

  18. Thanks your video was the only one I watched that got to the point and helped!

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