How to Properly Adjust Bicycle Shifting

Learn how to properly adjust the shifting on your bike for better performance! The bike I use for the demonstration is a Trek Madone equipped with a Shimano Ultegra derailleur.

Required tools:
-Phillips screwdriver
-5mm hex key/allen wrench (older bikes may require an 8-10mm wrench or socket)

Let me know if you have any questions!

**Always remember that nuts and bolts on 99% of bikes are metric**

Closed captioning by BikeFixIT


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27 Responses to “How to Properly Adjust Bicycle Shifting”

  1. thanks for the video it helped a lot

  2. Can anyone help me? That leaver thing below the cassette keeps jamming the chain. It shouldn't move forward and it does?

  3. Thank you so much for making this video for someone like me. I didnt know much about how to adjust the bike gear. Your video is very helpful because it was in detail step by step and your voice were perfectly clear. Again. thanks a million, our and now you should make another video about how to service your wheel. Good Job…

  4. Cable.

  5. yes can you show how you were able to use the ladder as a bike stand? i would like to have the same set up at home. thank you in advance…

  6. Thanks for the vid mate, hopefully this will get my gears sorted…. i've been pulling my hair out :-P

  7. @BikeFIXIT how did you macgyver a bike stand from a ladder?

  8. Is it okay if i do everything without taking off the cable ? It just doesnt come out from metal holder.

  9. You just saved me from lots of trouble! You're legend !:) thank you

  10. Very easy to follow and understand. Thanks.

  11. This guy is one the best. Keep up the good work. Thanks

  12. Thank u

  13. I Loved This, just superb…

  14. great video thanks

  15. Thank you for sharing. I have a Fuji 3.0 LE and when I reverse peddle the chain slips slightly across the rear cassette. When I peddle forward it corrects itself. Any pointers?

  16. Very good video, it's really helped me out. Thanks alot. I will subscribe ✌

  17. Thank you buddy your instruction helped me solve downward shifting, movement from the lower to higher gear was a problem and loosing the tension in the cable solved it. I was thinking that it was problem with the cup and cone inside the hub.

  18. I like this video. You Tube is full loaded with hardcore bicycle fan videos which are not educating because main purpose is to show own skills not to help other people.

  19. You are the best. Thank you so much for this video. You have helped me fix my bike finally.

  20. my bicycle chain remains stuck on 2nd gear despite of gear change . please help me out

  21. I would love a video on brakes adjustment

  22. Bike saver 🤘🏼

  23. You are the best teacher! And the way you present the info sequentially is great. Please make more bicycle video's. You have the gift for teaching.

  24. This one video just answered so many of my questions thanks.

  25. Can I do this with the bike upside down?

  26. My chain is moving up or down when I shift gears please help me!!