How To Overhaul A Bike Bottom Bracket – Remove/Clean/Install New Bearings

This is how to overhaul the bottom bracket on an older style of bike before they started using sealed bearings. I show you how to remove and install new bearings as well as how to clean all the parts. This bike is a 1984 Schwinn LeTour Luxe, but most vintage bikes are similar. They might require slightly different tools. The fixed cup on the chain ring side on this bike has left handed threads. This is the most common. But be aware that Italian and French made bikes might have right hand threaded cups on the drive side.
The spindle on this bike has nuts that press and hold the cranks arm on. Some bottom brackets have bolts. It’s a minor difference though. The process is the same.

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23 Responses to “How To Overhaul A Bike Bottom Bracket – Remove/Clean/Install New Bearings”

  1. Thank you for educating public. Your demonstration is excellent.

    My question is about Adjustable Bicycle Bike Repair Stand. What kind is yours? I need one for do it yourself repairs, cheap but reliable. Do you recommend any one from the ebay? Thank you

  2. last owner put the lock ring on way too tight. There's a damaged tooth on it that looks like someone else tried and failed aswell. any advise to take it off without destroying it? could it be a reverse threading? I super don't wanna bring it to a shop, I've done all the work on this bike so far and I refuse on ethics at this point to give in.

  3. Can you replace the bottom bracket with a newer style bracket ?

  4. what if you need the chain gears further away from the frame? is there a way to adjust it to give it more space? my chain rubs on the frame. also do you know where to get those crank arm nuts cheaper than 4$ at Amazon?

  5. You make very good videos! Not a lot of wasted time, easy to follow, good picture. Clear audio, a lot of posters could learn from you! And yes I am fixing my bike. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Super video! Tried your trick with the bolt and nut and the lock-ring washers for a stuck 'fixed' cup (chainringside) but no succes. It's a Peugeot. The sucker is on there not planning to move. Any tips?

    Guy from a local bike shop said I should try and cut trough the cup with an Iron saw very carefully so I don't mess up the inner thread but my Iron saw won't bite…

  7. Awesome video. I wish one of the handful of people who vote thumbs down explain their reason. I don't see how anyone came here to learn how to overhaul the bottom bracket but was unable to because of the quality of the video. Once again RJ has helped me with bike issue

  8. won't the paint thinner degrade the plastic sleeve part?

  9. what do you do if the socket won't fit in to get the bolt out? Is there a special tool?

  10. Excellent video, thank you!

  11. Another good video RJ- you seem like a really nice guy and some of your videos are great- you are really organised and thorough and don't skip little steps like others- don't worry about people who give you any shit on youtube or are sarcastic or smart arses you seem a really nice genuine guy to me. 27 Years riding for me so far still learning mechanical stuff all the time thanks for the videos Boss

  12. Great Video

  13. Is the bike a Schwinn Le Tour Luxe? Pretty sure it is because it looks identical to mine color and everything!

  14. Thank you !

  15. can a ball bearing BB be replaced with a shimano sealed cartridge type or is it simply finding one to fit

  16. RJ, I had already some trouble getting the ring off on the non-chain-side. The fixed cup however is even harder to get loose. I have no idea wether the thread is left or right handed, all I know is that it's a shimano bottom bracket. I used wd40 to try and get it loose but no results so far. Any suggestions?

  17. Just to restate what others have said, mostly for the viewers, the crescent wrench was made to be torqued with the back side being the main tool. The movable arm should be in the front of the rotation.

  18. Getting ready to do my 1972 Paramount with the Campagnalo 3 piece crank, this video has been helpful, thanks

  19. Ok thanks

  20. No double checked

  21. change my crank bearing put the cranks back on and the left crank kinda swerves when I peddle what happening

  22. Great video.

  23. how could i remove the play from pedal hub