How to Fix Your Brakes: Hydraulic Brake Maintenance

The excellent Chris Lorance from Cadence Cyclery is back with a walk through on how to fix your brakes, an in depth look at hydraulic brake maintenance.

Things covered in this video are how to remove and replace brake pads, how to reset your brake pads, how to reset your brake calipers, how to reset your brake piston, how to realign your brake pads, and much more.

If you have any questions or comments, please leave them in the comments section and we will get you an answer. Thanks for watching!

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26 Responses to “How to Fix Your Brakes: Hydraulic Brake Maintenance”

  1. annoying camera positioning! can't focus!!

  2. Can this be done while the bike is upside down?

  3. tnx

  4. this video is bullshit

  5. absolutely terrible camera work.

  6. Mine are gobbling like a turkey! Can someone tell me why?

  7. My new bike disk brakes are not working.. When i brake while riding my disk stops but my wheel still runs…. Please give me answers.. Btw it was front brakes

  8. wow. I bailed out at 6:45

  9. Good video! I tried your procedure but I'm still not getting any power when I squeeze the brake at the handlebar. My hydraulic system is AVID. What can you advise to fix my problem?

  10. Fantastic ! Thanks for the lesson !!

  11. ok, so I pushed the pistons back as you instructed, now they don't move at all! thanks for breaking my bike for me. I followed your instructions perfectly, now I have a brake that doesn't work. bravo.

  12. stop swinging the camera around!!!!!!!!!

  13. Very shaky camera. Really annoying. Also you should learn what the different parts of the brake are called. You keep getting it wrong.

  14. thanks. this helped me a lot

  15. Why is everybody complaining about the way he videos the video. He asked for questions not for hate or complaints. My question to you is I have a specialized camber 29, 2015 and I ride my local trails, but is there a way to learn maintenance for it and any tips for trail side maintenance????

  16. Would this give me any more braking power ( more responsive braking)?


  17. Instructions and explanations like this will keep me in business forever. Thanks guys!

  18. I live in remote Australia where I ride my Mtn bike through challenging bush.  The nearest bike mechanic is 500 kilometres away.  And I just fixed my hydraulic disc brakes based on your instructions.  I can ride again, thank you.

  19. my brake levers are really stiff and the brakes are ever on or off will this fix my brakes ??????

  20. thats a pimp ass bike

  21. good bike maintenance skill but bad cameraman! can't even see clearly which part you are talking about!

  22. Great presentation really good, top notch. But what the fudge is that idiot holding the camera pointing at. Really incompetent a**hole. Otherwise I really appreciate the guy for explaining everything so well and clearly.

  23. the cameraman sucks! doesn't know where to focus that gopro…hello?! you don't show the man doing the stuff, you show what is being done!

  24. My rear brake handle goes all the way to the grip yet the brake is barely applying.  What is my issue?

  25. Lol dude could not stop saying caliper 

  26. how much do you charge for this kind of service???