How To Fix Your Bike – Find Your Creak!

The first step to fixing an annoying creak on your bike is finding out where it’s coming from.
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The moment you notice a noise on your bike, it’s best to take it to a quiet place away from traffic and go through all sections of the bike to try and isolate the noise. Once you’ve found it, follow the links to our relevant videos to learn how to fix them once and for all.

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  • what is the easiest way to lubricate speedplay pedals without the syringe gun?

  • I have a new Trek Émonda S5, which is only 1 and a half months old, and since my ride yesterday I get a creaking/ grinding noise from my front wheel. There's nothing touching the wheel so I think it must be coming from inside the bearing. Its only present when I put load on the frond end, if I sit more upright and move my weight backwards there's no noise. This kind of ruined my ride and I don't know how to fix it. Could it be possible a wheel is worn out or needs servicing after only 850km?

  • the nut part of one of the chain ring bolts on my SRAM XX crankset (2X10) was cracked all the way through …took me forever to find the source…now I love my bike again!

  • Anyone who can quote the late, great Sheldon Brown is instantly approved in my book!

  • Thanks so much, I was going crazy looking for my creaking noise when I would stand and pedal. I never dreamed my chainring bolts  would be loose !

  • +Global Cycling Network Can you help me with my bike problem? It keeps on slipping and I can't ride it anymore because every time the pedals move the back tires don't.

  • spent two weeks trying to find a creak. took headset apart greased it (I'm a tech idiot but thank to you I sorted it) had the bike in the shop, greased the handlebars the lor. then remembered the fork and axel bit of your video. Oh the relief. like an itch scratched. thanks.

  • I just had my first road bike a week and I have 2 crack one my time one in the front and one in the back would my warranty cover this

  • I am either having trouble keeping my chain on my rear cluster gears or my free wheel hub is slipping.  I have replaced my old chain with a new one and had the bike shop check it over and it still does it.  It is less of a problem in my largest front chain ring but slips in the middle and small front chain ring.  There is also a noise like something loose clicking as the wheel turns at a slow rpm.  Could it be the feet in the rear hub are going?

  • It would be great if you could advice us, what should tools we should have in order to service our bikes. Not the simple allen keys and pliers, something more than that, for more serious repairs.
    Thank you.

  • Man you guys are so informative and helpful! I have been pulled away for work in Africa the past 8 months where there are no reasonable roads to ride on so I never bothered having my Madone sent out here. But with some extra knowledge in my pocket and me being the kinda guy who's very "DIY", i'm more excited to get back out and riding again in hilly Virginia. Thanks, guys.

  • My bike is creaking pulley
    How to fix it? Anyone? Plz

  • Really helpful videos, cheers Simon! Love GCN

  • Great video as always.
    Two questions for you:
    1. Where to purchase this GCN winter jacket ?
    2. How to solve the noisy ( really loud) carbon wheel braking sound ?

    Thank you!!

  • I think I have a squeek in either my pedals or my cleets, it only squeeks when I pedal hard.
    any tips?

  • thanks. CLeaning is one i use waswell to check the bike over.

  • Another noise that can happen is if the nut that goes on the threaded presta valves isn't done up tight it can make a rattle similar to headset rattle.

  • If it creaks when you pedal in and out of the saddle, but I doesn't when you stop pedalling and when you are pedalling backwards, it's your BB or the cranks. 

  • That bike though Si.. Beautiful.

  • Say "click" one more time.

  • The only creak i've ever had was when the bearing wore out in my back wheel.  It was intermittent and really had no idea what was causing it, but a truly wretched noise when it happened.  Do you have any suggestions for identifying that compared to other creaks?

  • I think I've watched all the videos in your creak busters series and I don't think I saw anything about internal cable routing. For the longest time I was having weird frame clanks just to find out it was the cables rattling around inside the frame. #ziptiesforthewin

  • GCN Editorial Meeting
    Person 1 "We need to come up with some cool new content for 2015."
    Person 2 "Oh yeh, I know. What we should do is make a video of Simon fixing noises on bikes. We haven't done any of those for ages."
    Person 3 "Great idea, seven in the last month isn't nearly enough. This is what the people want."

  • I had a nasty click that ended up being where my brake cable exited the top-tube just below my seat. Took a really log time to diagnose.

  • spent a while trying to re-create a creak I heard on my bike and trainer, while off the thing. So much testing of screws and adjusters and bolts, only to realize after nearly giving up that it was just my sneaker rubbing on the crank. 

  • Can we get a video to piece together how to build a bike from a frame?
    Just made a custom frame (excluding forks) and would like some guidance on next steps.
    Anything appreciated.

  • What lubricant would you recomend for, obviously a good lube, but to reduce noise? I tried an spray lubricant, it's terrible… Do you guys use ceramic based?

  • I like your mechanic how to videos. especially Simon's personal tips. interesting, useful, and very "unique".

  • A serious question: why is your front brake on the right side? Has that got anything to do with left hand drive in UK ?

  • Nokon cables after three rides.

  • Already asked that in your special video but how do i know whether i have to change my cables or not?
    Btw i love your videos so much especially your how to series. Keep up the great work!

  • if all else fails, its probably your creaky bones…if your anything like me..#mamil

  • a creaking noise was once driving me mad, it appeared every time i pushed with my right leg. i went trough all detail, and then i suddenly realized it was the keys in my pocket that made the noise. Is there a cure for being a meathead

  • such a sexy bike

  • I don't remember if you mentioned this in other videos, but the creaking noise could also come from your clipless pedals.

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