How To Fix Mountain Bike Brake Rub, MTB Disc Brakes

This is one of the easiest fixes out there. Whether you are out riding or back at home working on your whip it’s a quick 3 minute fix that will leave you riding waaaaay better.

Let’s face it having your mountain bike’s brakes rub is a little like having your soul sucked out slowly by dementors from Harry Potter (nerd). Every pedal revolution you can feel it sucking energy out of you. So don’t give in to brake rub, just pull over and fix it.

To fix a rubbing brake on your mountain bike you first need to know whether it is being caused by an un-centered caliper or a bent rotor. If the brake is rubbing intermitently, or not consistently, then it is most likely a brake rotor and you will need to suck it up and get a new rotor.

However, if it is consistent, thats a good thing. That means it is just a brake caliper that has become un-centered and you can quickly and easily put it back into place.

To re-center your brake pads and caliper and get rid of the soul sucking brake rub, just undo the mounting bolts a little bit, twist the brake caliper until it is re-centered and then tighten the bolts back down.

Easy peazy! Hopefully this helps you fix any brake rub problems you may be having. Please help support our content by sharing this video with a friend.

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