How to Fix Bicycles : How to Tighten the Brakes on a Bicycle

Learn how to tighten the brakes on a bicycle in this expert self help video

Expert: Michael Novelli
Bio: Michael Novelli has been BMX bike stunt riding for over 11 years. He has traveled and competed in numerous professional competitions across the United States.
Filmmaker: Michael Novelli


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36 Responses to “How to Fix Bicycles : How to Tighten the Brakes on a Bicycle”

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  2. resolution is a bit low for the video, but the information is perfect, as is the presentation. Like.

  3. thanks kid well done I'm going to ajust mine.


  5. I needed thi

  6. This is old af

  7. Don't blame me…
    I voted for Obomney!

  8. The problem with this method is it can make the wheel "hang on the brake"

  9. was this filmed on a potato?

  10. Can I bring my bike to you to Repair my Brakes ,,,, please

  11. What if it's a disc brake?

  12. nice one cheers. saved me ££

  13. thx….excellent explanation

  14. Instructions unclear my dicks stuck in the chain

  15. Thanks dude you helped me out a lot, I was able to fix one of my bikes but the other needs a replacement Break cable. You got a sub!

  16. The best video I have seen slow clear and easy to follow got it correct on first attempt.
    Thanks a lot.

  17. The perfect bike maintenance video!  Not too much info and not too little.  Perfect amount of info at the level that anyone who actually needs this kind of info can understand.  Camera work was spot on too!  Well done and thanks!  Now, please make one for disc beaks.  Hehehe

  18. You saved me some £££'s and maybe a bump. Thanks.

  19. Thanks!

  20. I'm a beginner at bike repair, and this video game me the perfect amount of information! Thank you.

  21. Thanks, breaks perfect now!

  22. does it work on a mongoose rebel?

  23. This video is the bomb-diggity.

  24. horrible quality


    Thanks a fucking ton!!

  26. One of the most useful videos on youtube.

  27. Don't forget to check the spring screws at the outside sides of brake brackets. First squeeze brake handles and let go. Now spin the wheel. If the wheel is catching on one side, either loosen the spring screw on that side or tighten on the opposite. After that, squeeze the brake handle, let go, spin the wheel and see if it is still catching. Repeat the steps until all is satisfactory.

  28. Just Tightnd Up My Brakes Thanx To This Video CHEERZ M8!

  29. Thanks a lot for this video. I fixed my brakes on my own wow for the 1st time. I'm learning how to take care of my new bike and fix this and that on my own.

  30. thanks man, now i can stom my bike in les than 1m 😀 

  31. Hytvh

  32. Thanks man!! Bike stops on a dime now!

  33. very helpful

  34. thanks my fixxie is just that much better now i need to lube my bike chain and im golden c:

  35. Thank you, imma try this tomorrow :)

  36. I have the hoop d too and idk how to fix the brakes …