How To fix a Slipping chain tips and repair Maintenance why does my bike chain skip jump

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28 Responses to “How To fix a Slipping chain tips and repair Maintenance why does my bike chain skip jump”

  1. Very helpful thank you

  2. my bike's been sitting in my folks garage for 6-7 years, rusty and dusty. i brought it home, cleaned it up, put air in the tires, it skips pretty bad now. i'll try these tips in the morning, hopefully I can sort it… was still able to ride it, the clicking and pedal jump was annoying though

  3. So what is the deal when the bike is brand new(Specialized) and it slips a tooth on the drive cog? Very occasionally & when I apply more than the usual torque.

  4. i feel like being a heavy set person could also make the chain slip just too much weight

  5. heh heh. 500 miles is the way I roll

  6. Almost 10K KM ride a year without changing to a new cog or chain and recently just bought new chain. Chain were skipping from its teeth. Do I need to change my cogs as well?

  7. my mtb when i go to take off or go up hills makes a sound like it breaks my foot goes down quickly and almost throws me off my bike idk what to do its my first mtb bike and never had to mess with gears so any advice will be greatly appreciated

  8. i just installed a shimano ZEE drivetrain on my bike. im having this issue that 1 out of every 5 or 10 times when i shift my chain in the highest gear(the 11 teeth sprocket) the chain ends up falling off the cassette. limit screw is set right because if i tighten it any further the chain would shift up to the next sprocket. Is it chain tension or maybe faulty product? apart from that the drivetrain works like a dream

  9. Just bought a new chain but the its still slipping should I buy a new back cog or take take it to my bike shop. I took it in there before he reset the gears it was ok at first but then quickly went back to slipping mainly in the low gears.

  10. 500 miles they just want your money

  11. Wd-40 does do its job on lube for chain but it actually makes it wear faster

  12. Thanks a bunch man! Chain had been slipping for a couple weeks and I use this bike for getting just about everywhere. Come to find a simple adjustment of the derailleur was all I needed.

  13. Where can me buy this song?

  14. Only 500 miles?!?!?!?!?!?!?

  15. Only 500 miles for one chain? What? I just did that in less than two months. Can't imagine I'd be replacing my chain that often 😀
    Other than that, great guide, thanks.

  16. Found the sticking chainlink by slowly pedaling backward, thanks!

  17. I found the problem link and now I know how to fix it. Thanks for showing this.

  18. I can't rotate my crank backwards on my mountain bike and when my back bike tire moves the crank moves with it so I can't pedal and I have no control of how fast I am going any Ideas PLEASE HElP

  19. Change the chain every 500 miles? I have over 3000 miles on my current chain and its still damn good.

  20. having a slipped chain is really a frustrating experience.

  21. Thanks for the tip on the bike

  22. thanks. good video

  23. Thanks heaps for the info, going to give this a go now :)

  24. if i changed my chain every 500 miles that would be twice a month.mines lasted 3000 miles on my current bike

  25. My chain is coming out everytime i push the pedal can you help me fix that please

  26. I think to fix my slipping problem I would have to change the chain, sprocket & upgrade the dérailleur all at the same time. For that price I might as well buy a new bike all together. SO DAMN ANNOYING.

  27. Great info. One word to make your videos even better, get a clip on microphone. The cheapest mike next to your mouth is better then a far away camera mike.