How to fix a puncture

Changing the inner tube is just half of the battle, this video helps you fixing a punctured inner tube.

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22 Responses to “How to fix a puncture”

  1. If you live in London and need your tyre fixed cheaply (or bike serviced), message me!

  2. You have not checked the tire is not there a spike or glass!
    when you open an inner tube into the tire with spike will have a second hole and the problem will not be solved.
    This tire is a Schwalbe KOJAK

  3. I fixed my bike tire. Boss status achieved. :P

  4. Check out my channel for simple puncture repair. 

  5. that's true

  6. What tire do you use in this video?

  7. I've had no luck whatsoever with glueless patches, tire would go flat again within a couple months. Went to automotive section and got a $5 glue patch kit and no problems since.

  8. you didn't check the inside of a tire, to see if there was something sharp so then you will not get a flat again 

  9. What kind of tyre is that? For racing?

  10. Thank you! From Arizona, USA

  11. where we can find such patches in ireland ???

  12. i have a puncher and iv done that and nothin happend

  13. specialized armadillo all condition elite are the ones i use, havnt had a puncture since i've got them and do a lot of racing on them

  14. Great video. This was is better than the hot water method for I do not have to get get. But what type of tyres are those? They seam to have no grip.

  15. @mikeyofficialpage thanks, which resistant tubes/tyres would you recommend (off-road tyres, that is)?

  16. If you're looking for road tyres then maybe try Continental Gatorskins as they are puncture resistant. I cycle around 150 miles a week commuting to work in London and despite the various crap on the road including glass etc, I very rarely get a puncture.

    Before I moved to Gatorskins, I was sick to death of yet another puncture. Good luck!! 

  17. @Anygodwilldo It's because vehicle tired are heavy duty and at least a few inches thick or more… it would take a big peace of glass or something stronger to puncture vehicle tired. 🙂 it also depends where you ride your bike and how aware you are of where your tired are rolling… I'm always dodging glass e.t.c… just watch where you ride :d Good luck.

    – Mikey

  18. @Anygodwilldo There are puncture resistant inner tubes and tires.. Google it 🙂

    – Mikey

  19. why dont they just make tyres that DON'T GO FLAT EVERY 2 MINUTES?????

    Whos got time to be fixing fucking flat tyres EVERY time you use your bike????


  20. I HATE getting punctures. nearly every fuckin time i go somewhere on my bike the tyre goes fucking flat. its flat now, ive only ridden it across town. Got to fucking push it home after work
    Why is it i can drive my car literally hundreds / thousands of miles and the tyre NEVER goes flat. NEVER. but i go about a fucking mile on the bike and the fuckin tyres flat AGAIN. makes me want to just throw it in the fuckin canal and get the bus. buses NEVER get flat tyres either. just doesnt happen. WHY

  21. Super Patches are useless i would rather use the longer and old fashion way with the proper patches and the vulcanizing gel.

  22. I had a puncture, fixed it with a patch that use's a vulcanizing gel and re-assembled the wheel having checked for the usual things, the next morning it was flat again . I checked everything again, there were no pinches, no extra holes I'd missed, no spoke ends, no thorns, no nothing, the valve was fine. I pumped the tube up and put it in water , no bubbles. I took off the new patch and applied a another, the next morning, Flat ! so i bought a new tube in the end. has this ever happened to you?