How to Fix a Flat Bike Tyre without a Puncture Repair Kit Fast.

This video will show you how to repair a road bike tyre fast without the use of a puncture repair kit. I only ever carry one spare inner tube with me when riding my bike but if you get a second flat tire and you don’t have a repair kit or the time to repair the inner tube as you may be in a race, then you need a quick and easy fix. To repair a tire is easy but to do it under pressure is a bit harder so it’s best to do some practice especially if you are entering a race because you don’t want to be spending to much time repairing flats. If you spend some time practicing you can be back on the road again in a few short minutes not 20.


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25 Responses to “How to Fix a Flat Bike Tyre without a Puncture Repair Kit Fast.”

  1. This is really good but i'd rather carry some sticky patches- Easy to use and very fast!
    You said you put the old tube in the bin, but i'd rather save money and repair mine.
    Seems like a waist of money to bin the tube.
    And it really is not that big a problem or hassle to carry either spare ready to use patches or a repair kit.Cheaper than a new tube.

  2. Redneck tire repair 😛 You can only use it for one hole, but at least it'll get you home.

  3. i walked FIFTEEN miles because I got defeated by……………. a thorn

  4. It makes perfect sense once I see you do it. Great idea for a quick fix it will get the day done :)

  5. ha , genius

  6. Brilliant! i would of never thought of it.

  7. Thanks for posting very useful to know. As someone has already posted you do need to run your hand around the inside of the tyre to ensure nothing is protruding through. I am sure you knew that anyway and its not meant to be a criticism either.

  8. thanks

  9. will it work on a trick bike

  10. Mate before installing thr repaired tube you need to run you fingers on the inside of the tire to make sure there is nothing protruding that would undo the work you have just done. Cheers.

  11. tx — i'll remember that

  12. English innovation, nice one mate, I'm sure it will no doubt be useful to know in the future. I don't think I'll ever tyre of learning new stuff like this, oh hang on I meant tire of … : ) ha ha ha . Sadly it shows the state of our schools when someone who put UK as their locality can't spell and uses such quaint colloquialism as 'Dumbass'?

  13. Top Trick mate nice one,

  14. how long does it last

  15. egg in you tire cangaroo wheel not good you will need a new tire afterwards but will get you home ::(

  16. WOW – Thats a fantastic idea to get out of trouble. I've been kinda of lucky – only one flat this past year, but I will still carry everything but the kitchen sink in my tool bag. I also really like Marathon Plus tires with smart guard for flat protection.

  17. good video and nice trick

  18. cant wait to try this

  19. Here's a tip for those without tire levers to use for taking out their tube. (I'm assuming that you have these with you or similar objects) I just used a pen and a marker (both are slightly thin) and worked my way around to get the tire (or tyre) to stick out. To do this, I pinched the tyre to allow the tube to show, then separate the two with the pen (vice versa works). With other other tool, I stick it about one or two inches away from the first one, then slid it around the tire similar to the way it's showing in the video to slightly bring it out of the rim to make taking out the tube easier.

  20. Just had a go at this. Worked perfectly! Thanks!

  21. That's good thing to know out on the road. Thanks.

  22. Just been out on my road bike for the second time and ended up with a puncture and no spare inner tubes. Luckily I wasn't far from home. Your video may come in very handy in the future, thanks for sharing.

  23. It's tire dumbass

  24. Great video. I will be purchasing a bike in the future so I'm trying to learn as much as I can about repair/maintenance. How often do you find yourself having to do this? What tubes do you recommend?

  25. very good idea although i have not yet tried this