How To Fix A Dropped Bike Chain

Occasionally everyone drops a bike chain (has it fall off the chain rings). I have seen people get stuck because they don’t know how to fix it. It’s very simple. I show how to easily fix a dropped bike chain.

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  • I can do it without getting dirt on my had or a stick… I made a video on it, i hope it helps.

  • I am a female and have never successfully done this independently.  I'm gonna go try now :)

  • What if my chain falls outside?

  • I bike in the city with a lot of stops and as I approach a stop I always twist back to the largest cog in the rear. What happens to me, especially if I am in the 5th or 6th cog is every once in a while the chain will fall off the top and end up between the hub and the cassette. I have the derailleur set screw limited set right, I literally will put the bike in the smallest cog and then use the wire and pull on it hard and fast to make sure it won't do that (when I am at home adjusting the limiter screw), but inevitably it ends up happening again (It mostly happens when I do it really quick). Is there a quick and easy way to get the chain out of that? I inevitably end up with black hands trying to get it out. I usually have to turn the bike upside down, release the brake and then remove the wheel and screw around with it to get the chain out. It seems to get stuck on the rivets on the back of the cassette. I'm probably going to buy one of those plastic chain-guards to go behind the cassette.

  • I have a chain cover… I found out that it is better to carry a disposable glove with me to touch the chain without getting dirty. I can use the same one many times just taking it off until half palm of the hand and putting it in my bag.
     When the chain falls off behind it is not a problem, but the front part is annoying because of the cover. Then it usually helps to drop the back part on purpose and fix the front, then the back… Or I sometimes have to flip the whole bike over to fix the front part because it just won't get on top as I would like it to 🙁  Anyway, I will go to someone to have the chain shortened soon because I need to ride to work fast without stops.

  • I usually push on the rear derailleur/chain tensioner to give some slack whenever fitting chains. Not that I experience chain drops anymore (only did on my worn positron 5 single piece crank hunk of metal). I most always have both tissues and water with me on a ride so whenever there is an issue I just use my hands – then feel really manly about the dirt still left on them until I get to soap and water.

  • If you don't know how to fix a dropped chain then you shouldn't be riding a bike.

  • You shouldn't have to tighten a chain on a bike with a derailleur. If the chain is loose, then either the chain is too long and you will need to remove some links, or the spring in the derailleur is bad and you may need to replace the derailleur. Maybe it;s only loose when you shift to the small ring on the front, and the small cog on the back…in which case, you shouldn't be doing that. That is call cross chaining, and it is not a good thing to do.

  • Great,but how could i tighten a chain?

  • I prefer the stick method too. But if you can't find a stick, or if you are in the middle of a race, the fingers are good too.

  • I like the stick technique. I hate cleaning my fingers on my shirt or bike shorts. 

  • O.O so easy… i use to last so long trying to fix this.. ty 😀 but no use.. dont have a bike LOL

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