How to fix a buckled wheel

Evans Cycles’ tutorial videos provide maintenance tips and techniques for the optimal performance of your bike, including how to resolve common issues and problems such as how repair buckled wheel. In this video, our expert Jules shows you how to straighten a buckled wheel.

There are different techniques to locate the extent of the buckle and, consequently unbuckle a bike wheel. The tightening of the right spokes is one common method to straighten the wheel out and this video will show you exactly how.


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45 Responses to “How to fix a buckled wheel”

  1. wtf he does it so fast

  2. Very helpful video. Thanks Evans/Jules. I can improvise the run-out and dishing gauges.

  3. I lent my bike to a friend who doesn't actually pull up the front wheel when getting into a kirb…. After he used it my wheel is now buckled.. Doubt its a coincidence 😂

  4. Really helpful video- thanks :)

  5. 1:06 I'm having trouble to see how that is a Clockwise turn

  6. Sorry, but I've been a professional bicycle technician for nearly 40 years, and that is NOT a buckled rim. It's obvious to me it is a wheel where the spokes were messed around with to make it really out of true, which is not the same thing as a rim bent from an accident. A bent rim is often only trued with wildly uneven spoke tension, or in really bad cases, bending the rim back through brute force.

  7. Great video, thank you!

  8. NIce work man.

  9. These easy tips without useless talks and other stuff, respect for video fella rider

  10. Fantastic! I never knew a buckled wheel could be fixed, let alone how easy it is.

  11. This is a great video if you have all the professional bike shop euquipment, how many people own these tools that dont own a bike repair shop? If i was going to work at a bike shop this would work other than that its useless,now should i spend hundreds in tools or 25 bucks and call it a day?

  12. Great Video!

  13. Hey i was expecting you to show me how to fix an up and down buckle, not just show me what it is! whats up with that?

  14. Just saved me £30 and a load of hassle!

  15. Now this is a great video on wheel truing.

  16. Good job!

  17. This just saved me having to spend £25 at Halfords, cool.

  18. HI there, I had a buckled wheel and I tried doing this with a spokey key and have made it a lot worse. So I tried loosening them and then that made it even worse.

    What do you suggest I do or have done that I may be doing wrong? My bike is the only way I have to get around and now I cant even ride it 🙁

    Thanks a lot!

  19. I believe you need to loosen a spoke on the opposite side you tighten other was you end up with a flat spot or a hop in your rim. You would need to buy a complete new wheel if that happened

  20. I have seen several videos on wheel truing here on Youtube.  This is the first video that discusses dish and roundness.  I recommend you guys change the title of the video, as I never found it when looking for wheel setup, but I happened to stumble upon when looking on repair bucked wheel.  Outstanding video.  Thanks from Texas!

  21. Mine is trued but it still whobbles what's wrong with it

  22. Thank you for the very informative and usable video.

  23. You repair a buckled wheel by getting a new one. Once it's bent, is fucked. You really don't want to push your bike for 10 miles back to the car. Maybe Evans do teeny tiny rides where their dads go with them, but my rides are epically mental in the winter, in Wales, in the middle of fucking nowhere, boom.

  24. hey this is great if you have loads of expensive Park tools, which Evans are obviously hoping you will buy from them. Personally I wouldn't buy anything from Evans again as they're shit. Last time I took my wheel in for a true by a strange coincidence the tube burst which of course they had to mend using their pricy tubes etc etc. Then they have the nerve to ask for your postcode when you buy something, telling you that they must have a postcode or you can't have a receipt. F*** off Evans.

  25. pretty good tips,thanks!!!

  26. I have a really bad buckled back rim i have tried everything to get it to true but nothing seems to work i havent had it trued by a pro so would it be worth the money?

  27. Top tip for "Returner" cyclists,or car drivers,lose weight,It won't buckle.Leave the fancy bikes to the whippets.

  28. can you bend the rim if you tighten the spokes toomuch?

  29. Help. My spokes are loose on the same side as it's buckled

  30. thank you! got it from having a massive buckle to a perfectly straight wheel! defiantly helped!

  31. Way more to truing a wheel than I thought!  Such a great guide.  Thank you for this.

  32. I gave my rim into one of your stores in Notting hill… let's hope they do a good job. I will be bringing the wheel home before I ride on it to show you the results of their work. Let's hope it's good!

  33. Could you do this while the wheel is on the bike?

  34. Guys you dont need a spoke adjuster tool, just use a spanner to tighten and loosen the spokes. It worked for me. Like so everyone can see! 

  35. how do i know how much tension my spokes can handle?

  36. spoke adjuster is only a couple of quid

  37. tbh good that he shows how they do it but ill just got pay to get my 2 done

  38. watching this set me straight on s few pointers…so its a thanks from me ;)

  39. Where's the video for people who fell off their bike drunk, don't have any of this shit and just want to know how to go about stamping their wheel back into shape? That's the one I need.

  40. Iam going mad ? he said clockwise but he was going anti clockwise to tighten spokes or was I right and Iam going mad….

  41. Yes, if the rim is bent too far, the easiest thing to do is just buy a new wheel.

  42. So I'm rather certain that anyone who actually has all of these tools already knows how to true a wheel..

  43. Is it possible to bend the rim because iv tried this many times and my wheel is pretty buckled and spokes are snapping often now. I bmx btw