How to Find a Hole in a Bicycle Inner Tube – Finding a Bike Tube Hole – DIY

It is easy to find the hole in your bike inner tube, once you know how. Place the tube in some water and watch for the bubbles to come out of the tube. Mark the tube where the bubbles are coming from. Dry the tube and repair with a tube patch. Simply follow the instructions on the bike repair tube kit, to repair your tube.


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11 Responses to “How to Find a Hole in a Bicycle Inner Tube – Finding a Bike Tube Hole – DIY”

  1. thanks dude! 👌

  2. Thanks man spent like an hour try to find the hole this really helped :)

  3. super helpful, really appreciate this!

  4. Nicely done!!! Very helpful.

  5. Thanks. This is very helpful. New children's bicycle owner here, trying to figure out how to best locate a slow leak.

  6. What do you do if you don't have a pump, and do not have water to find the leak?

  7. Same here mate? 

  8. I've been doing it like this since I was a kid, always worked well. But I'll be damned if this method isn't working on my daughters mtb!  It has a slow leak, if I inflate in a matter of a few days it's completely flat, but yet, it won't show amy bubbles in a bucket of water…..any further tips? Anyone?

  9. What kind of tape you use?

  10. Thanks

  11. Easy advice and works well, thank you!