How To Change a Tyre and Inner Tube on a Fixed Gear Bike (700c)

Dan Locke from 63fixed, How to replace a tyre on a 700c bicycle.

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43 Responses to “How To Change a Tyre and Inner Tube on a Fixed Gear Bike (700c)”

  1. really helpful video, cheers

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  7. Dan, just want to say thanks and nice one for the video. Made my first time changing a tyre on my fixie a doddle! 👍

  8. Hey thanks so much for the help.
    Can i fix a small puncture on my inner tube or should i just replace it?

  9. Good video! Thanks man! I also recommend adding a stop flat liner to the tire to prevent more flats 

  10. Hey Dan,

    So I have a 700C-25 bike tire.  What exactly should I do with PSI measurements?  I believe I over did it and the tube deflated while riding.  I will be getting a replacement thanks to your post.  Let me know!

  11. Hahahaha eight minutes to change a wheel!!! 😂😂😂

  12. What pump do u use 

  13. What are the pros & cons of having a 700x23C up front and a 700x28c on the back?

  14. Thanks man this really helped!!

  15. ….okay fine i'll subscribe, nice video by the way

  16. In my experience, not skidding and adding a brake to your bike will help keep your tyre running for longer, which is cheaper in the long run and more environmental friendly then replacing the tyre all the time. A free hub is another great upgrade you can make.

  17. Great video, clearly explained, helpful, thanks.

  18. how do you know what size tube you are

  19. thanks for sharing! I got it !

  20. thanks got my first bike today !! ure cute !

  21. Nice video, Dan. As it was long enough without mentioning these details, let me add two tips:
    1. Usually the tyre doesn't need a lot of force to get off the rim, just empty the tube and run your fingers along the tyre sidewalls, moving the bead from the seat to the center channel of the rim. Then it's fairly easy to pull the bead over the rim edge at one place as the rest goes deep into the channel.
    2. It helps to put the manufacturer's label (or some other conspicuous marking on the tyre) closest to the valve. That way you can always easily link a hole in the tube to a thorn or a shard stuck in the tyre. And it usually looks better, for which there is another – quite obvious – recommendation: prettier side of the tyre to the right (drive) side of the bike.

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  29. Changed my first set of tires just then! I followed your instructions and everything went without a hassle! Thank you! 

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  32. Awesome video! Back into the bike scene after about 15 years and very new to fixies. I bought a cheapie from Walmart and am upgrading, but before that happened I got a flat. No clue as to what was needed, this is going to help a tremendous amount. Thank you and subbed!

  33. Thanks, that was helpful! :)

  34. Thank you

  35. Which tire is better thickslick or resist?

  36. what size is ure tire?
    700c x…

  37. thanx bro

  38. thanks for the how to man! i was frustrated for a while and couldnt do it (im new to bikes) but I followed your steps and it was super easy!

  39. i meant rim lol

  40. yo how did you put those things on you tire i need to know

  41. Fyxation tyres hold up well against skidding! 

  42. big help man thanks